Wool keep or throw out?

iwantakitchenDecember 2, 2007

I have 3 queen wool quilts. These were made at a woolen mill. The material of all of them are worn so will need to buy another. The mill says it is best to just get a new quilt instead of paying the cost to use the wool from these quilts. What I don't know is the wool sellabe or do I just toss it?

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I saw a lady at the craft fair that had Mittens made out of wool . Who knows - she might have recycled ,too !
People were buying them left & right. Don't throw those quilts away yet !

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Lots of folks or rather crafters are using the wool to make things such as purses, etc. and then do the shrinking to make a "felted" purse or other items. Seems to be a popular craft with some. Hang onto it and give to someone who wants them. Or you might make a duvet and recover them for blankets. Or put one in a plastic bag in the trunk of your car for emergencies.....Please don't throw wool away !

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Probably not sellable, but it could certainly be re-used.

You could make felted items as the others have suggested. Or if you aren't interested, try freecycle.

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That is what I was wondering if it is sellable at places like ebay.

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I think, depending on the color and pattern, it could be very desirable on eBay.

Crafters love it - as Posie said.

If you eBay it, make sure you have that in the description so it comes up in the search when Crafters are looking for it.

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There is no pattern or color. The wool is the stuffing in the quilts. I was wondering if the wool (stuffing) is sellable? This is real wool from a woolen mill and can be cleaned and carded, recarded? Is that the word for it?

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Here I am again. In my state we have two well-known woolen mills. I don't know where you live, but most of the mills will redo your blankets for you. A friend of mine makes her own tops or duvets and has the woolen mill put them together and tie them for her. She has her own sheep and shears her sheep and takes the wool to the woolen mill and they also make it into a "bat" for her quilts. Not sure what they charge.If you have a mill or a woolen sales store, I'd check with them. I noticed that a well known store here called "Cold Water Creek" is selling felted jackets and they aren't cheap !

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I have talked to the mill and they tell me it is cheaper to just get a new one than to use my old wool.

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I'm sure crafters would snatch that up on E Bay !
I've even seen dryer lint for sale -- and it SOLD !!!


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