Tips & Tricks for Making BIG Cookies

jeriJanuary 15, 2008

Hi! :-)

IÂm going to make BethÂs Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for a school bake sale this Saturday. I was told that they would be selling for $1.00 each, so I want to make big cookies. Or should I make smaller ones and bag two together???

IÂm looking for Tips & Tricks for making Big cookies.

I need 6 dozen  how many of the original recipe do you think it will take?


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I'd use about a 1/3C of dough for each cookie and I'm going to guess at 6X the original recipe. Since the recipe says it makes 36 cookies when using a heaping tsp of dough for ea.


Make logs of the dough about 2 1/2" in diameter and let firm up in the refrigerator. Make the logs all about the same length. If you have 4 logs then just measure the lenght and divide by 18 to figure out how much dough to cut off for each cookie. Six logs...1 dz per log.


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That log idea sounds interesting. Could I make up 6 logs on Friday night and then cut/bake Saturday morning? Cut and bake while cold  right? I shouldnÂt let them come back to room temp  should I? How long should I bake these for?

Thanks for your help Nancy!

I Googled "bake sales" and found some good ideas for packaging them, placing them in a basket for displaying, and putting a sign in front. I read that people like to read signs (gives them something to do while they peruse the table) and helps to make the sale. This is my first bake sale. :-)

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Jeri, I make black and white cookies and they are very big. Some people use an ice cream scoop,I have a giant tablespoon that I use with very good success. Hope this helps. Gina

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Yes, cut and bake in the AM right out of the frige... no need to warm up. I make giant choc chunk cookies that bake @375 for 11 min. you want then baked but not over baked, watch for the edges to begin to brown.

Have fun!


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BUT...if your cookie recipe calls for baking powder you will lose some of the leavening by allowing them to sit over night....
So either choose a recipe that uses soda...or deal with flatter cookies that spread more.
I would double the recipe and bake them in amounts of 1/4 cup amounts.....and then make another double batch...until you get your 6 dozen.
If you make them too big, they are difficult to bake through without getting crusty on the edges...baking on a sil-pat will help with that, and a big cookie that is underdone breaks easily.
I remember about 30 years ago when there was a fad for "monster" got about 8 to a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough!
Linda C

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The only reason I wanted a Big cookie is because they are going to be sold for $1.00 each. Maybe this is normal for fund raisers? I thought that sounded like a lot so I wanted to give the buyer "something" of value I could just bag 2 or 3 regular cookies  but I thought a big cookie would have that Wow factor. Should I just make them regular size and bag 3???

The recipe IÂm using only uses baking soda. :-)

Where can I purchase a sil-pat???

Still loving the Log idea  especially if I can make the dough the night before. I got a stand mixer for Xmas that IÂve not used yet. :-)

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You really don't need a sil-pat, I have baked hundreds of dozens on parchment paper. When you do the rolls and slice the dough, the surface is nice and flat, not humped which does make the cookie a little harder to get baked evenly.

You are right in thinking that people put more value in a nice big cookie, at least that was my experience. When we had the deli we also made giant No Bake cookies. They were our very best selling single item.


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CanÂt thank you enough Nancy! I donÂt know what I would do without these forums and the wonderful people who take their time to help others out.

Nancy - here is a Cookie Bouquet just for you :-)

Gosh  those cute smiley faced flower cookies would bring a buck  wouldn't they Maybe I can try something like that next time :-)

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In my experience smaller cookies taste better. And they bake better too! But lately I've seen many over-sized cookies and HUGE muffins too. If I was in your shoes, I make the big cookies.

Nancy is correct about the silpat v. parchment. I have both and prefer parchment paper over my silpats any day.

You can insert a popsicle stick in each cookie and make Lollipop Cookies. I made some for Halloween and my nieces loved 'em and so did my construction crews!


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If I were to make a big cookie or a huge cookie I would consider using a hearty pizza pan with holes [like the Cuisinart variety] to ensure the cookies were cooked and crisped all the way through

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You're welcome Jeri and thanks for the cookie bouquet, I'll have one for breakfast today... :))


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Another way to form giant oatmeal cookies, from a Maida Heatter recipe: have a bowl of water handy, dip your hands into it, then, with very wet hands, pick up a handful of cookie dough and deposit it onto the cookie sheet. Re-wet your hands each time. Fast and easy, although messy.

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