Thanks, gram nh, sunnyca and luvstocraft, but

judemiDecember 7, 2008

I am still looking for the three wise men pattern for pavers, especially to make for Mom. She would be thrilled.

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I have never seen the wise men ones, but i bet they were cute. I have googled some wise men patterns but haven't found any adaptable to the pavers yet. Hope someone else can help. I'd like to give it a try myself.

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I wonder if you put them on so they looked like they were walking to left or right, side view I guess you call it. Look at kids book of nativity or coloring book, might be easier to follow. Try googling "nativity-coloring pages" as some sites have pics for kids to color!! Hope this helps some!! TRy library for story of xmas, xmas crafts, they might be of help! Jan

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Post your question at the Decorative & Tole Painting forum; those people are so friendly & helpful.

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Judy, I'm so sorry you haven't found the patterns you wanted. I think Jan has a good idea--just look for colorbook pages and adapt that to your blocks. Gosh, you could even glue on fabric, faux crystals, gold cording, and use lots of glitter on them. Could be really nice. Hope you'll share pics if you ever get them made. I found one more site that has paver patterns but not wisemen I'm afraid. I'll post the link anyway in case someone else might be interested. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Winfield collection

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