oldcraftyDecember 29, 2010

Drop in to this forum every once in-a-while. Don't know if I'm posting this question on the right forum, but I'll give it a shot! Recently at a craft show a lady decorated sunglasses on the side arms. She embellished them heavily with basically jewelery beads and the imitation rocks that are so popular in necklaces now. The were stacked on heavy and had a real pretty shine as if coated with something. Any ideas as to what to use to attach them and then get the nice shine? My thoughts was maybe E6000 to attach and then maybe glossy decopaugue(sp?) Or maybe they can actually be attached with the deco as it states that it is also a glue and sealer. Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated as they are quite beautiful and the price tag hanging on them was $75.00!!!!!

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WOW...I'm interested to see the imput on this...

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$75!!! WOW! How were they selling? What about some kind of Gem tact? as far as the shine.. wouldn't a good quality bead have enough shine as it is? Not sure if a sealer would give it more shine or dull it? Good luck in finding the answers!

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