Snap/metal ring to be used for papers

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Hi All,

One can attach papers together with a metal ring as on the color selector from a paint producer on the figure. The metal ring is a bit like a snap fastener used for clothes, except it often has a hole in the middle. They probably would come in two pieces that interlock. Does anyone know what those small metal rings are called? What type of store might carry them? I'm at a total loss, even after way-too-long web searches!

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Image attached

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It looks like a rivet. Craft stores would sell them. I've seen small ones at Joann's and Michaels. You need a tool like pliers to fasten the 2 pieces together. Probably could get them at a home supply store like Home Depot or Lowes as well.

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It is a grommet

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Check either in a craft place like Hobby Lobby, or camping store, ACE Hardware, Menards etc. Some places have kits with the tool needed to punch these together as people doing leather works use them as do scrapbook people. Check the internet also

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It might also be called an eyelet. Definitely look in the craft store, probably in the scrapbooking/rubber stamping isles.

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Many thanks to you all for the replies! A colleague of mine knew what I was looking for when I wrote I needed a rivet/grommet/eyelet, and brought a pair to me. I appreciate your help in naming that thingy thing.

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