RECIPE: Home made ice cream with raw eggs

keetsAugust 26, 2011

My mother always made this and I am looking for the recipes. Can anyone help me, thanks

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Raw eggs unless pasteurized can make you very sick! Old Fashioned Ice Cream-4 eggs, 2 c. sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 3 c. heavy cream, 1 Tbs. vanilla, 2 qt. milk. Beat eggs until light. add sugar & salt gradually, beat well, add cream,vanilla & milk (last) Freeze in dasher type old fashioned ice cream freezer. Allow about 2 1/2 in. for swelling in container. Yield 1 gal. From the Brookville Hotel in Brookville, Kansas in 1940's.

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Yeah, that doesn't sound too healthy :/

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If you have access to eggs from chickens you know don't suffer from salmonella you will be safe. I live in Sweden where salmonella is not known so I use raw eggs all the time for mayonnaise. A young Swedish trained cook working in a Danish restaurant poisoned 500 guests with his mayo because he had never heard of salmonella.

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