Wax Scented Balls

posiehDecember 13, 2008

Oddie.............I've been gone for awhie so I think I missed "How to make the wax scented balls" that you showed as gingerbread ones I few days ago. Do you just melt the wax and add you scent? Thanks for your help.

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I recycled old candles that had lost there scent, melt wax ( I added a brown colored candle for color) add scent, pour out on cookie sheet covered with waxpaper and roll the styrofoam ball throu, remelt what wasnt used and keep doing till you get the balls how you like, I like them to look lumpy.
you can add gliter, coffee , cinnamon, or other spices to the wax, for some cool texture and color, a word of CAUTION, when remelting the wax after adding scent ( I use a couple teaspoons, way to much for candles) just heat till melted cause the oil can catch fire! and we sure dont want that.

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oddie how do you melt them? Doubleboiler?

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double boiler would work great, I use a old pan for the water and a coffee can to melt the wax in, since you are not suppose to use a iteam for cooking after used for wax I like to use the coffee can cause you can throw them out when done.
Happy Crafting

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Gosh I wished I known about this last week! I cleaned out all my candle holders and just threw out the the wax bits and half used candles. :(

I'll be saving them from now on though.

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Thanks Oddie !

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Those sound so easy! I bet they smell great also!! TFS!

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Can you add any color wax for color? At what point do you add scent? Is it a couple tsp's to how much wax? I'm sorry I'm so questiony, but I have to have step by step so I don't screw things up(to bad anyways)....lol

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sure you can add any color of wax, just matters as to what color you want the balls to be, I am only guessing as I dont measure anything when makeing these, but say you melted down a pillar size candle, remove from heat add a teaspoon of scent stir well pour out on a wax paper covered
cookie sheet, roll styrofoam ball in wax turing ball to cover till covered, let set and do another ball, keep going till you have used all the balls you want to or the wax hardens, you will need to remelt, add more scent, and roll all the balls agine, maybe do this three times each or till you like the look, if the scent doesnt smell strong enough add more, each time you melt the wax. sorry not good at giveing instructions, you can make these with joint compound also if you dont like useing wax, heres a old post that can explane about that method.
hope I have helped

Here is a link that might be useful: snowballs

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Thank you so much for the link to the detailed directions!!

I hope to have time to make some for this year.. if not.. definitely next year!

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you are welcome, done eather way makes cute snowballs, I like useing the wax cause you can revamp them year to year if you like.

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As late as it is, and with the 'to do list' as long as it is I just might have to go to Walmart and buy canning parafin wax!

(like a need another reason to go to Walmart!)

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Thanks oddie. That does help me...

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