Reed Diffusers?

JoAnn_FlaDecember 1, 2010

Do you make them? There are lots of recipes & formulas but I want a simple one. Have you made any that work well?

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I bought a set once - they didn't smell at all . Maybe a homemade one would be better . Some of the candles the crafters make are beautifully scented.

** Gee - I wasn't much help ..... LOL ...sorry !

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I bought some that didn't smell at all, then I bought some others that you could tell there was something going on in the room.

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GF has them all over the house. Most smells I didn't like. Vanilla brown sugar was about the best but they only last about month or 2 at most. Which is kind of good as I have allergies & they bothered me. She has at least 8 & most smell very artificial.The plastic balls that are supposed to smell- don't & the things that look like pic frames that sit on a table or counter have a scent for awhile,maybe as long as diffusers. Jan

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