wind chimes using glass flower frogs

barbaratxDecember 3, 2008

My daughter can't find the site where she saw a wind chime made from a glass flower frog and some beads. I've googled it, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Have any of you seen this? I'll try the garden junk forum also. Thanks.

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Can you describe it at all?

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nmgirl - that's cute, but not what I was talking about. The glass flower frog is round with holes in it where you put stems of flowers so they stand perfectly spaced in a vase.

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Good morning ~ Saw this post and started doing a google search myself and this is what I've come up with so far.

this answer was down in the replies.

on 11/22/2005 Use an old glass flower frog for the top since it already has holes in it. I use fishing line to make a hanger for the wind chimes by looping it through the holes and tying it in a looped knot at the top. I then wrap this with brass wire to make it look good. I use old costume jewelry, old skeleton keys, hearts, crystals, etc. I like to start with a large bead at the top of each hole in the flower frog and then add items to the line below. To finish it off, I use one "eye-catching piece" hung longer than all the others in the middle and then use scrap pieces of old slag glass that I have sanded lightly around the edges and drilled a hole in for all of the different levels on the end. (You'd be surprised by all the broken pieces of old slag glass that you can find around old junk stores and flea markets.) I bought a huge box for $5 that will last me forever! I love shopping at junk stores to collect the unusual things that I will put on my wind chimes. You can make all kinds of themes, from the white pearl look, to the Christmas look, to the modern look, you name it! It's fun!


I haven't found anything else. But from these directions it sounds easy enough to do.

Have fun and do post pictures when done.


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flowerlady6 - thank you for the instructions. Now that Christmas is over, I'm going to start on this project.

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