How to make a costume jewelry Christmas tree?

n2bach1December 17, 2007

Can someone give me simple instructions for making a Christmas tree from costume jewelry? Specifically, what kind of glue (hot gun?) would you use and should I try to remove backings from clip on earrings? I'm not overly "crafty" but I would love to make one from a bunch of old jewelry from my Great aunts, Grandmother, etc.

And I'm sure there are other questions, if I really get started on this project. Any advice is appreciated or any pictures, if you have them. I just LOVE these Christmas trees. I think it must go back to some fond childhood memory!

Thanks in advance if you have any information for me.


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please oh please have these piece checked for signatures and value before you dismantle them. Some vintage costume jewelry is far more expensive than the real deal these days.

I use E6000 glue for my projects. You need to find a frame, anywhere and everywhere junk stores, resale shops, flea markets, yard sales,etc... I have a piece of 1/8" to 1/4" plywood cut to fit my frame. I then cover the wood with velvet(not expensive wait til after the holidays for the best mark downs)or good upolstry material. Then using push pins lay out my pattern then doing almost string art to outline the edges of my work area,then lay out my jewelry bits, only timming the pieces I'm going to use right then, photograph it when I think I have it just right, then go to work putting it together permanantly. I glue in sections let cure over night then another section.
Place the finsh piece into the frame and securing it.
You can also have these custom framed.

Hope this helps,

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My family has a 50 year old one and I started making my own a few years ago.This is a wall hanging type.I made my own tree shaped template.I cut one out of thick wool felt (no acrylic)and one out of some contrasting fabric for the back. I like to use vintage linens with imperfections(cutters). I use pinking shears to finish the edges of the felt, then fold backing fabric under 1/4 inch and pin to back of felt. Sew all around edge leaving an opening large enough to lightly stuff the tree.After stuffing,sew opening together. I use almost any jewelry.Beads for trimming or swags,pins and earrings for the rest.I use wire cutters to remove backings,clips,posts,pins,fasteners etc.I use some hot glue, or Sobe fabric.Sew or glue circular hanger to back.Attimes,I reduce template twice creating 3 sizes and layer and sew 3 sizes (all felt, cut with pinking shears) together before sewing back on.I like the layered texture. Good luck! These are lots of fun to make.

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I'll add a note here and echo honeysuckleridge's caution to have that jewerly checked before you destroy it. One of my aunts gave me an ugly green and gold necklace years ago, I didn't like it and never wore it. Several years ago I gave it to one of my daughters..........guess what the ugly green was !!? Or rather is.

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My mother had a jewelry tree(don't know what happened to it over the years) but it also had lights punched through from the back. Would be a bit more difficult, but it was beautiful!

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That's why we call them "costume" jewelry trees. I don't find it at all difficult to distinguish between the valuable stuff and the junk. But the junk makes beautiful trees.

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This is for a cone tree, enjoy yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Buttons can be very ornamental too!

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Does anyone have pictures of their costume jewelry Christmas trees????

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I made 1 of buttons(antique) & some jewelry but I wired ,pinned or pushed backs into the cone as I wanted to be able to remove them unharmed. My pics are in my computer but only DD can pull them out so I still can't post. I wrote down directions but next time I went to use the folder was gone. She can get it back but I can't.I was very pleased with results. I put small buttons & tie tacs etc at top around point& got larger as I went down. I had 2 groups of same buttons that I swirled around cone (kind of like garland)my DS picked out a lovely poinsettia pin when they visited antique shop in Morro Bay) that graces the top in place of a star. Sorry I can't show it. Jan

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Hello Everyone, I hang out over at Holidays. However I have made a jewelry Christmas tree.

I used my Grandmothers treasured jewelry pieces, however I did not disassemble them. I just put a small amount of hot glue in a safe place and it worked great.

Now when I want to wear a piece, I just go to my tree and it is displayed and Pull off what I want. Then I hot glue it back when I am finished wearing it.

I hope this will encourage you guys to use your good pieces as well. Just don't harm them. And it makes for a great display so you can see what you are looking for.

Have fun!!


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From , Jun 5, 07 at 18:38

This is an ornate frame with purple felt. Most are pins my Mom had
A little dark but you can get the idea. didn't samage the pins either.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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