Tampon Crafts

adellabedella_usaDecember 17, 2006

I just stumbled across this website. It has crafts for most holidays.


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I don't mean to sound rude but there is no way I would use tampons for decorations - YUCK.


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I have made Tampon Angels for years - lol. Thanks for the link. ...and Sal - that WAS rude.... Remember the old saying, "...if you don't have something nice to say abou something, don't say anything?" Nuff said...

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To each their own. They are good for a laugh. They would make good gag gifts with the right poem or phrase.

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Every year this line of crafting comes up, and every year there are the 'cute' folks and the 'gag me' folks. A new holiday tradition!

I don't find them cute, but I don't find them offensive, either - and certainly better than the sanitary napkin/pantiliner slippers. LOL

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It's the shock value that's funny. I made a couple angels and when I told people what they were - it sure was a Kodak moment ! LOL

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I did not mean to offend anyone and apologize if it was taken the wrong way.


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I don't think you have anything to apologize for, Sal. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And mine happens to be the same as yours :)

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Freedom of speech is one of our greatest Constitutional perks here in the USA...so, I feel free to say that in my opinion tampon crafts are competely tasteless and show a great lack of class. I'm going to go hang up my plastic doggy dropping tree ornaments now. Yes, there really are such things.

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I don't find gag gifts funny. I remember once a friend of mine was opening up a gift (she didn't get many) and was so looking forward to something nice. What she found inside the box was not pleasant and she was very upset.

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Did anyone go to the website http://www.tamponcrafts.com/ that was first posted and see the ear rings that were suppose to be a craft? IMO that's not a craft. I like crafts that are pretty. Just me of course. Different strokes for different folks.

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I repeat that I don't have a problem making these angels. I sell them year round. They are part of my gag gifts that take up to 1/4 of my items. I wish I could not have to make them and sell them - that I could be able to just sell "real crafts", but I can't - people ask for them when I let my stock run out. They laugh at them! I include one of the three poems about them with each one I sell. The laugh is important these days. Oh, BTW - I probably sell 35 a year for the young girls that have started their period and mom wants them to be comfortable with the tampax and LAUGH... They are NOT dirty, used, embarrasing - in fact, I don't tell some people what they are. I probably do get 2 people a year that think they are in poor taste - oh well, too bad they couldn't see the humor... I find them much better that the tasteful items trying to be passed off at craft shows from the $$$ Tree store with a bow added as "real crafts". They aren't for anybody for sure, but hopefully the person buying it will know the recipient well enough to know that they will be enjoyed by them. Honestly - these angels are pretty...At least my crafts are entirely made by me. 'nuff said. Well, back to my craft room to make some more tampon angels - my stock is low again...

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Theyre too expensive too.

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Funny!!! and gross!!! I like that little ghost though...but think someone has too much time on their hands when they decided to create a tampon bat!!! Also think that bandolier is hilarious!!! Can't say the same for those earrings or that memorah...YUCK!!!

After reading this post I remembered I still have a couple of boxes of tampons that I'd long since pushed to the back of the storage closet (Okay...so I don't Spring clean every year...sue me :o)

Anyway, I had surgery a few years ago...so what the heck do I want with tampons now?! Figured I'd eventually get around to giving them away...but now I think I'll sit back and make a few ghosts and angels out of 'em for kicks!!!

I've never seen a sanitary napkin or panty liner slipper - but that would really have me laughing!!!

~ Cat

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There IS a sanitary napking slipper.

Well, sort of, This older gentleman I knew, had diabeties and the bottoms of his feet would burn really bad. He used sanitary napkins for insoles. I laughed when he told me that! I thought it was a joke. It wasn't! He said his feet no longer gave him problems with burning. I was glad for him, when your feet hurt everything hurts.

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Sounds like the softness and padding would help if your feet were hurting. I know when I worked the bridge and had to hoof it for double shifts my feet were killing me!!!

Somehow though...I don't think the sanitary napkin slipper will put Dr Scholls out of business or have anyone's feet gellin' (sorry, couldn't resist!)

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For me it has been so long I don't even know what a tampon looks like so I guess I will have to head over to that sight and check it out. Different strokes, folks.

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That site is hilarious. I called my coworker over and we had fun looking at the "projects" (though I thought the earrings looked a bit, er, used...).

Thanks for sharing! You helped me get to 4:00 p.m., and now there's just one hour left here at the office :)

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