Is Gel Medium the same as Mod Podge?

alisandeDecember 7, 2008

I'm acquiring supplies to make a collage, and the author of the book I'm using recommends gel medium. I couldn't find anything with that name at AC Moore, so I bought Mod Podge. Are they interchangeable?



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No, not at all. Gel medium is used to make paint more "movable" whether it is oil or acrylic. Usually there is a brand for each paint type. It will allow you to use a paint color to "age" a page or clip art with just a touch of color and it will give a look of transparency. Mod Podge is essentially a special blend of craft glue, which, when dried, seals a finished page, or item. It often requires several coats, drying in beween.

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I think Mod Podge would be perfect for making a collage though. That is what my kids use when they make them for school (or just plain old Elmer's glue)

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Good to know. The gel medium was recommended as a glue (in the collage book), so it sounds like the Mod Podge will do the job.


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