Tell me what you hate ):-)

muffnDecember 4, 2013

...or love :)

This is my modified version of Don Gardner's Wilkerson Plan. They said all of my revisions can be made - just waiting for an estimate. I thought now is a good time to get all you experts to chime in! Thank you SO much in advance! My revisions added square footage making the total around 2,850 total - exactly what we wanted.

We're a family of 5 (4,6 and 14 by the time we're in the house.) The two littles will go in bedroom 2 and 3 and our teen will have a teen suite in the daylight walk-out basement. We have a similar setup in our current house, so we know it will work just fine with our teen downstairs and the littles on the other side of the house. The study will be used for computers / homework and also serve as a guest suite for relatives that visit often, who can't climb stairs very well. The bonus space above the garage will be for my in-home business. I didn't spend time on the kitchen yet, so suggestions are welcome. I just want space for 5 to sit at an island since we don't have a breakfast nook. Also, not loving the master bath, so I'll probably rework that a little.

(by the way, I angled the garage because that orientation fits perfectly on our lot)

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Wilkerson Plan

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Are you tall enough to clean the center of that island?

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Haha Yes I'm 5'11 and my hub is 6'2". The island may change. I just quickly sketched the basic concept that it want - large island with seating for 5-6 and open flow to the great room.

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Sophie Wheeler

Make the jack and jill bath open to the hallway instead of the two bedrooms. It's the nearest bathroom that someone in the family room will use. The guest bath is too difficult to access from the main public space to get any use. Great location for the last minute out the door bladder emptying but not for a regularly used powder room.

Are you OK with all the sound in the family room transmitting straight into the master? And vice versa? I'd put the closets there instead to serve as a buffer.

The kitchen really needs work, and you need to rethink your 5 seats at the island priority. That's 10-13 of linear feet just for that, and without some more room, or a continent, that's not a really feasible goal for the whole family to occupy uncomfortable perches. The main table is right there, and that's where all of the meals should take place. One or two perches at the island should be sufficient.

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hollysprings - thanks for your input.

As for the kitchen island, it needs to be improved for sure, but I still want seating for at least 5. Our current one seats 3 and when we entertain, we all end up around our kitchen island (and the food) and eventually people start dragging chairs from the dining room table (a few feet away). Maybe you're right - but I'm going to explore it more. Two on the end and three on the long side might work??

I had the same question about the master/great room together but builders have assured me they can do extra insulation to prevent that problem. Anyone have this setup? Is sound problem for you?

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Your master bumpout was probably there for patio aces, which u don't have. If you straighten it out, you'll save money.

Jack and Jill won't work for my two kids (can only imagine the for slamming)... id move it to where the pantry is and move the pantry up to the walk in spot and move the walk in to where the bath was. That gives you faster access to the pantry from the kitchen.

You can narrow out the island, get the sink out of there, and angle it with tableish seating at the end. Look at island configs on houzz.. U will fit 5 if designed correctly.

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Double Post Removed (Ugh).

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The 2 porches seem redundant to me. Will you really use both? If not, I would drop one of them so the windows adjoining it would face the real outside.

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Just a few ideas...take what works and ignore the rest :) From Kitchen plans

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Oh, I like the bay window in the master bedroom, so pretty, and it would look nice from the yard, as well. I like the little entry hall to the master. I like the master closets, how they're not lined up so you and DH won't smack into each other going in and out. But, you'll be doing the "bump" at the sinks with them at angles like that. If you just line them up against the right wall, which is, what, 6 or 7 feet? You should be okay. Also, where will you hang your bath towels while you're in the shower?

Will you keep your vacuum and mop in the laundry room? Just checking because....honey, I shrunk the laundry room. But for a cause:

I didn't like the guest/den bath, it seemed both isolated and acting as a hallway. So I moved it down, gave the guest room its own door into it, created a hallway, and opened up the wall so you can get there from the center of the house. I like circulation :)

Just some thoughts...

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You can soundproof the wall between the family room and bedroom. Wish we had done it in our last house.
You might consider moving the fireplace to the corner or back wall and put another one in on your porch.
I dont understand the difference between the screened porch and the other porch? I would skip the skylights in the screen porch.

Here is a link that might be useful: inside outside fireplaces

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Oh my gosh - I am so grateful for not only our input, but that lavender_lass and bpathome actually took time to sketch some ideas. Amazing!

So it seems that everyone hates jack and jill baths. I can understand that with teenagers, but by the time our 4 and 6 year old are teens, our 14 year old will no longer be living with us and one of the little ones can take her room and then each can have their own bath. Does that change your mind on any of this?

As for the porches, yes we will use them both. We have a pool now and plan to install another and we spend a great deal of time outside from may to september. I need to add some stairs to the right one.

Thanks Nepol and Lavendar_lass. Excellent ideas on the island and seating. Love the sketch Lavendar_lass! What's in the lower right corner of the kitchen? I like how you extended the bathroom and I like bpathome's suggestion to put the sinks on the right wall. Right now our double sinks are on a 5 foot space and we don't feel cramped at all. And I was wondering the same thing about the towels - one of the reasons I wanted to rework the bathroom. But now they can go on the by the walk-in :)

bpathome - I like the master bump out too. I think it looks great both inside and out and think it's worth the extra $$. I like your new bathroom sketch too, but I'm on the fence about ditching the extra laundry space :-/ I have no laundry room or mud room in my current house, so I may be overcompensating for the big one! Good stuff to think about though.

I had the pantry where bedroom 2's walk-in is and I switched them because someone suggested to do so - closer to the garage for groceries and I gained more kitchen counterspace where the door for the pantry used to be. (where the refrigerator is now in the sketch that lavendar lass made). Not sure if I should switch it back or not.

I have some pondering to do :) thanks again!

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archie123 - thanks - love the idea of the double fireplace in the great room!
The skylights are not actually in the screen porch - they are in the main porch - see the original image i posted.
Maybe I should make the screen porch a keeping room or sunroom..... I don't know, we wanted an area free of mosquitos and flies, but maybe we'd enjoy a keeping room more.

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That's an oven...but it could be a broom closet or small pantry, if that makes more sense :)

I changed the bathroom so that one bedroom still accesses it directly, but the rest is from the hall. I thought the younger kids might be downstairs (eventually) and then your guest suite could shift over to the other bedroom.

At that point, the study could be in the back bedroom and the current study/guest room could be a dining room or home office.

I like the idea of a keeping room! Maybe that would be a better use of space and then you could screen the porch off the living room (keeping the skylights). Looks like a plan with a lot of options!

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The study will be used for computers / homework and also serve as a guest suite for relatives that visit often, who can't climb stairs very well.

I take it you plan on putting the bed in front of the window? It looks like that is the only place it will fit.

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This is improved since last time. A couple suggestions:

- I'd go with one porch and one patio, which would give you two distinct outdoor living spaces. Does the screen porch have a door into the yard? That's a must-have.

- I do like Jack-and-Jill bathrooms and see no reason why they should cause slamming doors. I'd downsize to just one sink. No one ever uses the two sinks at the same time anyway, and they are fairly expensive -- and not just when you're building. My girls have double sinks in their bathroom, and ONE of the faucets needed to be replaced. Of course the store only had ONE of the model I liked best available in stock, so I had to go with my second-choice, which was more expensive . . . times two. Then I had to pay to install TWO faucets. It more than doubled the price, and all because ONE faucet was bad. I hate those double sinks.

- Downsizing the sink vanity just a bit would allow for a tower cabinet (perhaps an open tower to avoid door-bump problems) for storage of towels and sink items. With no linen closet, storage is a bit skimpy in this bathroom.

- In Bedroom 3, you could let the walk-in closet extend under the staircase (flip the closet bars to the other side). It'd be short storage, but it'd be a great use of room that'd otherwise be wasted. I can imagine a dresser being scooted under that short space, for example, or you could just use it for plastic storage tubs.

- 11 1/2 feet of locker space looks like overkill. I'd move the coat closet over to this area, which would give just a bit more space in the pantry -- you can never have enough pantry.

- I vote for shrinking the island a bit. Even if you are tall enough to reach the middle, what're you going to do with that middle space on a regular basis? The countertop will be incredibly large, and your drawers won't reach the middle of that island, so it'll be expensive . . . without much real function.

- The laundry room looks inconvenient -- imagine carrying baskets across the house, around corners, and then navigating yet another corner actually inside the room.

- You could flip the laundry room and the study's bathroom (and still have direct access to the bathroom from the study), which would allow the bathroom to have a window, though it would "cost" the window in the laundry room. However, it would allow you a larger sink vanity; this one is very minimal. I had one this size in my first house, and I hated it -- not even enough space for a curling iron to sit, and no drawer space for make-up.

- Speaking of windows, that garage entry hall / locker area is going to be dark-dark-dark, but I don't see any way to bring in natural light. Definitely put in plenty of lighting (1-2 little ceiling-mounted fixtures won't cut the mustard), and consider motion-triggered lights for the times -- well, all the time -- when you enter the house /go to the laundry with your hands full. And be sure to paint that hallway a bright color.

- At the very least, I'd move the washer/dryer (the part of the room you'll use most) to a spot right by the laundry room door . . . and use the deep, dark recesses of the twisty-turny room for storage. This might also allow you to vent the dryer directly to the outside, which is more straightforward and a bit easier. However, that means it'd vent to the front of the house, which can mean laundry "fluff" in the bushes in front of your house.

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good point dekeoboe. After reading MrsPete's comments, I think I'll move the washer and dryer like she suggested close to the door and make the area they are now a closet for vacuum, etc. I'll combine the little closet from the study with the laundry one so that I have more wall space and furniture placement options in the study. I'm not sure we'll put a regular bed in there- probably a comfy daybed sort of setup.

MrsPete - thanks again for chiming in. Love your suggestion about the walk-in utilizing the stairwell space.
The lockers are something we already own and I LOVE them. Since our house has no mud room - at all - we had to improvise. We bought the Ikea Pax system and now there's a locker for each one of us (6 including the dog - haha) to put our things into: coats, shoes, winter hats/gloves, soccer/lax gear, computer bag, bookbags, etc. The center cabinet holds board games, puzzles, crayons, color books - all the kid's STUFF. I love it - and it's coming with us! Anyway, 11'6" is what I need (minus one locker - the dog will lose hers). I attached a pic so you can see. As for light, we plan on lots of sky lights and sun tunnels! Oh, and I need to get working on the kitchen island. I know it looks weird right now...

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I love your floorplan! I actually like your island. The only thing that bugs me is the access for guests to a bathroom. But maybe where you have it works by making it more private to use it. I've read so many posts and articles about people complaining if the bathroom is too close to the kitchen or near the foyer, so where you have it kinda works. I've never been a fan of two doors accessing one bathroom. It takes up space with an extra door nd the walk to the hall is so close. But honestly very nice!

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Thanks Karen15! Yes, it's a little out of the way, but good point. Our current powder room door opens to our kitchen dining area and I can't understand how the builder wasn't blatantly aware of how bad of an idea that was. You have to turn on the fan so people don't hear you pee - let alone anything else. And when you have a 3-year-old boy, you often get to see him standing nude, peeing in the toilet while you eat. lol. He's still trying to remember to close the door - haha!

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And since you mentioned the island, I briefly looked at some bigger-sized islands on houzz - this might work (see link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Island -seating for 6

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or this... a big, fat island isn't so bad.... it's 6 feet wide like my sketch.

Here is a link that might be useful: big island

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I like your plan too. I'm not sure I understand all the changes you are thinking about to the laundry room/locker area, but here's my thought - I like the fact that you have a small closet right by the garage door IN ADDITION TO the lockers, BUT there is such a teeny tiny space right in front of the closet and the door.

Is there a way to make that space any bigger as you rearrange the laundry? It looks like it's only 3 x 3. One person standing there searching for a coat is going to block the way for everyone else trying to go out the door at the same time.

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What if you reworked the bathroom to something like this? If you put the toilet right at the bathroom entrance where the W/I Closet is, it would be closer for the middle of the night and create some separation. You could also eliminate the jogs the toilet itself makes. If you put hour husbands closet in the corner, you could do some drawers or shelves in the space behind the toilet. Since I sketched this freehand, I'm not sure of the dimensions, but maybe something to work with? If the vanity bumped up in the corner, a nice tall corner cabinet would be wonderful!
My kitchen island is 4 1/2 feet deep, and it is a wonderful size for rolling out 100 cinnamon rolls ;). Shorter stools like your first Houzz photo would definitely make the extra large island work better. But if you want nice high backs on the barstools, you can still get a lot of cinnamon rolls on a 5 foot deep island. And shouldn't we base our island size on the number of cinnamon rolls it holds? (Then multiply our exercise room by a multiple of that!!!).
Love Love your Lockers! Those will look fabulous in that long hallway. Your paint color in that room looks like my BM Hampshire Grey in my kitchen...such a pretty mother even stole it for her kitchen!
I really like MrsPetes suggestion of putting the Washer/Dryer closer to the door.
I like your two decks. If you have a good view, you will spend more time outside. I am finding that so many stock floorplans aren't made with any views in mind. Makes it pretty hard working on a floorplan when you have views to take advantage of ;).
Are you going to get a floorplan made for the basmenet, even if finishing later? My father suggested we know our basement floorplan ahead of time so we could plan HVAC vents accordingly and have any drops where they would add to the rooms rather than take away :)

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Love this house plan, but agree that the laundry room and bath area needs a lot of work.

First off, if this study will be used for elderly guests, I think it will be wise to make this an elder friendly bath. I would utilize the space the current washer and dryer occupy, as well as that closet in the study for this bathroom. This will also free up a little wall space for furniture in the study.

Then, I would rework the laundry area so that the washer and dryer are closer to the door.

I would also try to bring the master toilet closer to the master bedroom. It always amazes me that architects draw the toilet about as far away as possible from where we sleep; yet late evening, middle of the night, and early morning are when we will most utilize the master toilet. (This is a real pet peeve of mine, since I use my powder room in the middle of the night since it is actually closer to my bed than my master toilet. UGH)

One more thing. Although you don't have a formal dining room, you might still have "pretties" that you want to display. In that case, I would include a single glass door (for visual and light) to the porch, and move it closer to the kitchen to make space for a cabinet. As I've gotten older, I've developed a love for pretty dinnerware, even if we aren't a very formal family, and the display adds a lot to the room.

Good luck. I really love this plan overall.

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Hi Melissa,

If you make the screened in porch a keeping room then that will be considered finished sq footage- making your plan 3000+ sq ft. Something to keep in mind. Since you are building a walkout, they will both be 'raised' about 9, 10 feet off the ground. The decks (screened or otherwise) will either require steps (one or the other or both) or become deck 'islands' with no access to the backyard and pool.

If you really want a screened area and non screened area, I'd make the one labeled 'porch' the screened island one, that would be covered and look like an outdoor room. the other one can be an open air deck (with no overhang), and including steps- giving you lots of light in the great room and kitchen, and giving you full access to the yard. Is that what you were thinking?

Screened Porch Like this:

Traditional Porch by Johns Island Architects & Designers Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

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"Walkout" Deck like this- with the stairs. Remember you'll have more patio space downstairs as part of your walkout. So that is 3 different outdoor area (screened porch, upper deck, and lower patio):

Traditional Patio by Santa Rosa General Contractors JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

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Just want to add- Make sure your island countertop material comes in the size you need or if it doesn't make sure that you are ok with a seam.

Looks like a lovely home and I really like your mudroom lockers.

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Thanks everyone!

littlebug5 - not sure how to move that closet. But it made me think - what if we didn't make that a closet, but rather a little niche with some hooks for quick access items. Would it look weird to make that a little hook area? The back wall could be back even further.

nostalgicfarm - I couldn't quite get what you sketched to work. But how does my revised mater bath work? I tried putting the WICs in the front of the house like someone suggested earlier, but the windows ate up too much shelf space. Plus, not sure I want to access them through the bathroom. My question with the current layout is about the front window. I'm not sure how the shower and tub can work with it there since the shower overlaps it and the tub isn't centered under it - seems like it is in most plans!

OK, revised my island. It's 4x7' with the 18" bar for seating on two sides. I made the bar 18" (a little deeper than the norm) because we're all very tall. How does it look now? It appears I can get 5 around it comfortably. And yes, cinnamon rolls are important :)

bird_lover6 - took your advice. How's the laundry room now? By the way, it occured to me that there's no where to let the dog out except the front door and the stairs on the porch off the great room (not pictured). Fine for now, but when our dog gets older, she won't be able to do all those stairs every day. Is it weird to put a door and a smaller set of stairs where I have them shown in my revised sketch? Alternatively I thought that maybe we could put a dog door in the back of the garage (back people door) so we could let her out via the laundry room garage door. However, she's great dane and I'm thinking a dog door that big will invite unwanted guests - critters...even people - yikes! Unless she had a collar that activates the door. I don't know - where do you all normally let out your dog?

Also, I have to disagree with you on the master toilet location. This layout is very similar to the one we currently have (distance wise) and I like the privacy of it being far from the bedroom. Even in the middle of the night - you're less likely to wake each other up :)

nepool - thanks for the advice and visuals. Something to think about for sure! Love the fireplace on the bottom :)

xc60 - thanks!

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Oh, and I made the guest shower a little bigger, a nice 4x4. I suppose I could use up a little more of the utility closet by pushing the shower down a little and therefore creating more space to move around in the guest bath. (making the front of the shower line up with the toilet or even the sink)

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Wow, I can't believe those lockers are moveable. They definitely look built-in.

I like the revised laundry room -- the machines are more convenient to the doorway, and I think you'll like being able to hide away the vacuum, etc. in that closet, which is using up an odd little corner.

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Wow, I can't believe those lockers are moveable. They definitely look built-in.

I like the revised laundry room -- the machines are more convenient to the doorway, and I think you'll like being able to hide away the vacuum, etc. in that closet, which is using up an odd little corner.

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Is the laundry room door / little stairs in the front weird? If so, what other options do I have to let the dog out besides the front door (which I don't want to do because I'd rather her come in and out where a little dirt doesn't matter)

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Make sure you will have good sunlight into your Kitchen and Greatroom

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Just as a word of warning, coming onto this site and asking what you hate is sure to garner weeks worth of negative criticism. In contrast, asking what you like would have only led to a few days of negative criticism. Best of luck.

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Are you sure you want to let the dog out the front? Maybe out the back door of the garage? Could you have a little play area out there, for the dog? Or will you be able to let her run loose?

Just a few suggestions...perhaps dividing the 'family bath' into a powder room and universally accessible bathroom, off the study/guest room. This would accommodate older relatives and also give everyone more privacy...rather than cutting through the kids' rooms to use the main floor bathroom, when you have company.

This meant I changed the laundry just a bit...I don't know about that second set of stairs. Everything is so balanced, they just look a little out of place.

Love the new kitchen island! Are you sure you want fridge so far from table? If this has already been asked and answered...sorry I missed it.

The master bathroom...I like the layout, but the window over the tub now seems more centered. Maybe that's there for a reason and I didn't see it.

Hope this helps....again keep what you like, ignore what you don't :) From Kitchen plans

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Ibewye - that's what I want people to do - critque it! ;-) And let me tell you, everyone has been so amazingly helpful. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

lavender_lass - I like your suggestion about the powder room, thanks. I grew a little attached to my new utility closet, so I'll have to think about it! :-)

Yeah, I thought the stairs were weird. But I'm just imaginging letting the dog out through the back of the garage and that is so unnappealing when I think about having to go outside in the cold garage to do it. I'm actually going to look into the electronic dog door. It's the only solution I can think of! And yes, she can run free - we're on 8 acres and she's a great dane, which means she has an unhealthy attachment to me and wouldn't dream of straying too far. lol.

As for the frig, I have no idea. This is one area I haven't had time to research yet, which means I know nothing about where the oven, sink, refrigerator and stove should go! So all suggestions are welcome!

Master bath - love the two windows. Will that look right on the front elevation? I can't picture it...

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Your garage entry and the closetdoorrightbesideit is still bothering me. Just looks like a major bottleneck to me.

How about moving the closet door to the other side of the closet - right about where the word "up" is printed just before the stairs start? Then maybe you could make use of just a bit more of that odd triangle space in your closet.

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Will you use the master tub? If you think it won't be used a lot you could have a huge shower there and it will center your window. We opted not to have a tub and now have a 4x 7 shower. Just a thought.

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Did you decide if you were keeping both covered porches?

Re: the dog- once your walkout is finished, you can take him out through the downstairs patio. Still stairs to deal with though, at some point. That's the thing with a walkout- there is no free lunch- if you want to be able to walk out from the bottom floor, then the only way out without stairs from the upper floor is the front.

I've seen houses with a 'front side door' on houzz and it looks nice. I'll see if I can find one to post.

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duplicate post

This post was edited by nepool on Tue, Dec 10, 13 at 21:40

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Littlebug5-- I actually made that triangle space an open area with hooks for quick access items. Your comment made me realize that there was space before the stairs - hadn't noticed it before! I will post a new layout this afternoon when I get home.

Karen- yes I'm a tub person. But I don't want another jacuzzi tub. Yuck. I just want a modern looking free-standing tub, so at least it won't take up as much space!

Nepool- not sure about the porches - but we have time to decide right? At this point I just want a solid footprint so we can get the building permit submitted!

I would love to see the front died door you're talking about. Thanks :)

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Front *side* door - not died! :-)

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Regarding the dog issue - instead of or in addition to stairs from the porch to the yard, put in a ramp. That way the dog will be able to use it when she gets older.

Also, will the house be raised the same amount on both sides? We have a walk out basement, but only on one side of the house. Our land slopes back to front and side to side, so the family room side of the house has a deck off it, but it is only six steps down from the deck to the yard.

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I like jack and jill bathrooms and I like the two sinks
if you've ever had two girls trying to "get ready" in the same
bathroom you quickly discover they are good thing to have

I like your plan a lot (regardless of which of the offerings you use)

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I really like this plan and will file it away in case we decide to build again. Have you considered flipping the mbr and master bath? We did and love it. Our closets are identical to yours. My regret is not downsizing the on on the common wall with the fireplace. In hindsight we would have recessed the fireplace into the closet. It takes up so much floor space in the living area and reduces usable space.

DH and I are tub lovers. We opted to not have a whirlpool and got a deep soaking tub. We love it but it is deep and difficult to get out of with my arthritis.

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dekeoboe - I'm not sure - we'll find out this weekend when our surveyor stakes out the house shape!

Thanks okokok - I've spent a ridiculous amount of time revising this plan. I'm very happy with it now!

motherof3sons - spacing out - what are you referring to with the "on" on the common wall? I think it's a typo, but I'm not sure what you mean?

    Bookmark   December 12, 2013 at 10:26AM
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duplicate post.

This post was edited by melissa1117 on Thu, Dec 12, 13 at 10:59

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OK littlebug5, here's the revised mud room version. What do you think about the area by the garage door now? I like having the hooks for quick, easy access items.

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duplicate post.

This post was edited by melissa1117 on Thu, Dec 12, 13 at 11:00

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I like the hooks! That will be so practical.

Everything looks only concern would be width of the doorway from study to bathroom. Looks a little narrow, but difficult to tell without measurements.

Last question...can you keep the windows as is in master bath or will they be in the way of wall between shower and tub?

Best of luck on your build! Don't forget to post pictures :)

    Bookmark   December 12, 2013 at 1:14PM
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Love the overall plan! Hooks just inside the garage in that nook will be so nice :). How cool is that that you are moving along so quickly with a surveyor this weekend! At that rate, you will have a basement poured yet this year! OK, so maybe not, but still cool!

    Bookmark   December 12, 2013 at 8:14PM
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Well, it's better. If the hooks suit your needs, I think that's great.

I just think you need plenty of room for standing and/or moving around, gathering your stuff/kids/keys/handbag/coat/boots as you go in and out that door. And the closet door as previously drawn was going to be in the way. Our last house had a closet like that. If the first person coming inside wanted to take off their coat and hang it up immediately, the second person coming in couldn't even GET in.

    Bookmark   December 13, 2013 at 12:31AM
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Hi! Here is the latest - it's in progress, but shows some changes since the last version - mostly in the laundry/mud room area. After seeing the house staked out on the lot, we decided to open up the garage angle to 45 degrees. It looks/works better.

The hallway where the lockers are is 4 feet wide at its narrowest. Most of the hallway around the lockers is wider. Do you think it works? I think it does but wanted other's opinons. Remember, the lockers have doors (as you can see in my photo if you scroll up to earlier posts).

Oh - the architect put 8 foot garage doors on there. They will be changed to 9 ft - otherwise my suburban won't fit through the doors! :)

I was thinking it would be nice to add some stairs down to the basement from the garage. Maybe under the stairs that go up to the bonus room above the garage? Not sure if there's enough room??

Most of the furniture shown displays the actual dimensions of the stuff we own now.

Comments? Thanks :)

    Bookmark   January 22, 2014 at 11:18PM
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hmm - can't see it too well, can you? Here's a cropped close up.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2014 at 11:25PM
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How many sq. ft are you at? Your master walk-ins are huge (jealous)!!!!

I don't get why you'd want another set of stairs- the basement stairs are right there......

There must be a door to the bathroom adjacent to the study, just not sure why its not drawn in.

With the laundry room no longer angled, you have a little weird angled spot there behind the mudroom door. Why is it better to not have the laundry angled(curious also since mine is going to be angled too- want to make sure I'm doing the right thing)? I thought your previous laundry design worked well....

I think the 4ft in front of the closed lockers is fine- its such a huge wall of closets you won't have multiple kids piled up putting their stuff a way blocking the space- it will be fine.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 7:35AM
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nepool - oh the possibilities! When the garage angle changed, it made the way the laundry was a little awkward. There are actually a lot of ways it can be. I'm psycho enough to explore them all. Take a look at these. Can you see it? Which is your fav? All of these options have a pocket door.

Btw - I was planning on putting a little 2 foot closet in that awkward space in the last verion I posted. Maybe I'll just go with how I had it! I don't know. Now I've thoroughly confused myself - lol.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 2:26PM
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Leaning toward B, C, or D for your laundry room. Are you putting in a built-in ironing board? If so, that might drive your choice, leaving room for that. I'd probably say B and you could put it on the one spare wall space adjacet long cabinet and still have room to maneuver. It still gives you some floor space to put a hanging rack if you need one. Choice A would do the same but it seems like the W/D are squished into the space available.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 3:35PM
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To throw somethign else out there--
can you change the direction of the "straight" stairs that right now are between the kitchen and the guest bath?

The trouble I've had all along with your plan is that that guest bath (as others have pointed out) is really inconvenient to any of your guests (except those sleeping in the den)... And, you have continued to keep the J&J as a J&J rather than open it to the hall for your guests.

So, my question is, can you change the straight run stair direction (by 90* or put an l shape or switchback stair in and open your guest bathroom to the hallway (almost like with LL did when she added the powder room, but instead, change the stair orientation)...

Something to "fix" that bathroom's accessibility.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 4:14PM
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Of your other layout choices--I'm more for A or F.

I'm concerned about access to your little closet in the corner with the other options. I like having the machines all by themself in A.

There is a pinch point in B and C between the corner of a machine and the counter across. That is "fixed" in F, with the larger depth of the room (and the machines are to the left more).

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 4:17PM
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First I want to say I love your lockers! Just what I want in our new home but maybe fewer as there are only two of us. I want a huge mudroom/laundry between our garage entry and the rest of the house.

Looking at your plan I see no guest closet in the front entry...

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 5:11PM
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Outsideplaying - I haven't thougt about an ironing board! I work at home and it's incrediby rare that I need one. And my husband wears all those wrinkle-free shirts. So it won't be a problem to grab it out of the utility closet!

kirkhall - not quite follwing you with the stair suggestion. Funny though... the guest bath access doesn't bother me one bit. My dad has a similar setup in his house and I love it. It's nice and private. I feel like the jack and jill bath is equal distance from the kitchen/great room. You just have to hang a left. And I don't want to have to clean up the kids bath for guests - rubber duckies and toys everywhere now and a gross teenage mess when they're older. Having our powder room next to our dining room table in the kitchen in our current house might be influencing me as well. We often listen to people doing their business in there... while eating! ugh!

kacee2002 - thanks, I love them too. They're a dream come true for a neat freak like me. Everyone's crap gets stuffed into them. And I've got all the kids trained now - it's the first place they go when they come in :) Guest closet - no worries. We have one now and we never use it. Ever. We just store off season coats in there. Same with the other closets. We just don't use coat closets. We use the locker and hooks and guests coats are typically put on couch or bed! Worst case scenario, they can hang them in the study!

Thank you so much everyone for your opinons on the laundry room setup. Unfortunately, I'm still undecided and have no idea which one works best! Maybe I'll sleep on it!

    Bookmark   January 23, 2014 at 9:30PM
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Considering these 2 practical issues may help in the laundry:

you need to vent the dryer outside - that fits in with A, D, E

it will save you money to have all the 'water' items sharing a wall with the bathroom: That's F.

One you haven't considered (sorry to continue the madness :) is F with the sink as you have it, the washer to the left of that, and the dryer right across the way on the exterior wall so it can vent. Makes moving the laundry pretty easy since the distance is close. May not look as cute as with the washer and dryer side by side, though.

    Bookmark   January 24, 2014 at 7:26AM
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Good feedback. Thanks.

Question - In A, D, and E, if you draw a striaght line from the open door coming in from the garage to laundry room wall, the corner of the laundary room extends past that line to the left a little bit. In the others, it's aligned or more to the right. Does it matter in A,D and E? The wall is about 6 feet away from the door - not sure if it matters.

Also, knowing that I want the washer and dryer next to each other, do you save more money with them being on the inside wall (like F), sharing the wall with the bathroom plumbing? Can't the dryer be vented from that wall? Our washer and dryer now are in the center of the house. I might prefer them on the outside wall (like D) simply because they stick out past the countertops on the inside wall (F). Forget B & C - I don't like the pinch point that Kirkhall pointed out!

    Bookmark   January 24, 2014 at 10:11AM
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And to add to the madness as nepool put it - here’s how I had it before the multiple options. I added a little closet in the “odd” space. Given that it won’t be needed on a regular basis as people come in and out (maybe a dog closet with leashes, coat, treats, etc? haha), how does this option compare with the others above?

    Bookmark   January 24, 2014 at 10:47AM
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I like this latest option--but you have to decide!

One consideration for me would be...where will all the shoes be? And, do you want to be tripping over all the shoes to let the dog in/out?

    Bookmark   January 24, 2014 at 3:08PM
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I know, right? Very indecisive right now. Sounds like any will work. No one pointed out glaring problems.

There are baskets in the bottom of the lockers that everyone is good about using. I also plan on putting a big basket in the hooks area for overflow shoes.

    Bookmark   January 24, 2014 at 5:35PM
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