Buttons&Bows&Vintage Goodies&Bedspring Snowman

kudzukweenDecember 22, 2008

I got photos taken of the last things I made or finished. The last Bedspring Snowman Nodder, three pink cone coffee filter roses, some gift bows I made from wired ribbon(I have links to how to make a fluffy bow!!),buttons and jewelry and things my youngest sister brought me. Maybe someone can tell me what the little enamaled coat of arms charms are for...I really should take photos of the backside and add it later.

Photos and more on my blog..come visit me!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Oh how many Wonderful things you have. I have to laugh. YOur bows are so pretty. I can't make a bow for nothing. I even bought a bow maker and it has a dvd with it and I still can't follow it....Your amazing...

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I always enjoying checking out your blog. You always have such wonderful things on it. I have a ll the shopping done but I can't make a bow to save my life...guess I will have to stick to store bought ones:) Enjoy the holidays and be safe~Micki~

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maybe I should make a video? *smile* buy some wire edged ribbon when it goes on clearance after Christmas :D They have some colors of ribbons at Christmas that will go for birthdays and anniversaries later on in the year,like white,silver,red,green,blue. Last year I bought lots of red and blue that had simple silver glitter designs that work all year. Also buy some curling ribbon you can use all year, the white,green,gold,red and also the silver and gold and pearl. and buy some floral wire.

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I love your blog!! And we have a lot in common - you know with the grandkids, I have a set of identical twin grandsons and we live in the south. Since the grandkids live within 12 miles of us they always come over to decorate the tree. It looks a little funny when the lights are off but it doesn't matter - I so enjoyed having them help that I don't mind all the extra things they put on it (dolls, teddy bears, trucks, Power Rangers). They are so proud that they are putting something on that belongs to them.

I love your bows and especially the snowman card. You are very talented!

BTW, would you mind telling me how you were able to get the Playlist on your blog? I have tried but each time it won't accept the URL. Thanks so much,

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Thanks B! About the playlist...I couldn't do it either! Drove me nuts for about an hour, then I got daughter to do it. But, go to playlist.com and create a free account, and create your free playlist. Then find where it says add to Myspace, or whatever, and click the one that says blog, and get the code. Then on your blog where it says gadget, paste it there. Hope it helps, but I did have a hard time with it, too.

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Thanks for the info. I finally figured it out. Now I added a hit counter, background paper, someone please stop me or I will have the gaudiest blog around LOL!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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