Recycled Vintage Maps-Wreath

kudzukweenDecember 19, 2008

Inspired by Robolady Margo over at her site, I had to use maps instead of hymnals, but I still love the look! It's just rectangles cut in 2 sizes, rolled into a cone shape, hot glued on to a cardboard circle.

Check out my blog for links to Margo and photos of my wreath!


Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Great wreath! I really like the color variations.
I have a lot of old sheet music I've collected over the years, you've inspired me to dig it out.

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Oh, I'd love to see it! I've been looking for some for altered art projects, but I haven't found seems to be the popular thing to collect right now!
And thank you!

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I've got music - I'll have to work on this. Wish I would have seen it sooner and made wreath ornaments for all my church choir members. Maybe I'll get inspired and crank something out. (Although it's probably better if I don't - not done shopping, house and tree not decorated, gifts not wrapped - yikes!) Thanks Kudzu!

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Kudzu, I left a message on your blog, but wanted to tell you this is a cute idea. Lots of possibilities for it too. Like using scrapbooking papers or Christmas wrapping paper too. I think one would be good for a table centerpiece with a candle in a glass holder in the middle.

For your sheet music, can't you make photocopies of it so you don't have to use the originals? Of course the wreath might be more special with the original.


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Just beautiful!

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