looking for: boston market chocolate cake needed asap!

dccnmAugust 30, 2008

My friend has one and only request for her birthday tomorrow--that I make her Boston Market's Chocolate Cake. Easy present, if I were able to find the recipe on the internet! Anyone have it or have an idea where I could find it?


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Is this it? Amazingly, they give recipes at their own Web site. It's the only chocolate cake listed, and I haven't been there in years, so I don't know what's been on their recent menus. This one makes half a dozen little cakes, which I suppose you could combine into one normal-size one.

Good luck with your quest!

Here is a link that might be useful: Boston Market chocolate Bundt cake

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Unfortunately, no. I was amazed that so many of their recipes are on their site and the web but was unable to find one for the chocolate cake. Since it was "ALL she wanted" I bought it. They sell a whole cake for $12.95. Killed me to be buying a cake but it sure did make her happy!

Thanks for trying!

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Sorry that wasn't it. And even if it had been, I noticed the date of your post and realized that it would've been too late anyway. Not to mention that on closer inspection I saw that the recipes they've got on their site aren't for the things they sell in the restaurant but things you can make using their retail products as ingredients. They aren't quite as generous as I thought. ;o)

Oh, well, making it yourself is better, but $12.95 for a birthday present that you KNOW without a doubt that the person is going to love is a pretty cheap price to pay. Glad you were able to find one!

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