brother innovis embroidery machine help!!

harpieDecember 14, 2007

This machine is new to me. With my old Brother machine all I had to do was insert a floppy disk with my embroidery design on it and sew. This was only uses the card. I have glanced through the instruction book for the machine and for PE design and there is no topic on how to transfer directly to the card from the computer. NOW THE QUESTION: When I purchase a design on line ~ i.e. ~ and then download and save it to my computer ~ how do I get it to my blank card? My computer is in one room and the machine is in another so I can't go directly from computer to machine. I do have PE Design (which is all Greek to me) so do I need to download it into the PE design program? If so, how do I do it? I just want to make my postman a Christmas gift!!! Gad! Can't anything be simple anymore??? Thanks in advance for any help given.

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Harpie, Sorry I can't help you and I'm not saying someone on the Crafts & Decorations forum can't help you - but you might want to also post this on the "sewing forum" that Garden Web also has. Check the home page for that forum.


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There is actually an embroidery forum here. It's mostly dedicated to machine embroidery because I have went there trying to learn more about hand stitching with no luck. Try there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Embroidery forum

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I know you posted asking for help, sorry I know nothing about this but saw the most beautiful Christmas tree and thought I would post it.
sorry the right page didnt come up,look under Christmas crafts!

Here is a link that might be useful: Beautiful Christmas tree

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First you need to download the design into a folder or desktop(you might have to unzipp the on(extract here).The load your PE design software and upload your new unzipped file. Save from PE design to card.

P.S> I also own a Innovis 4000d...What a Great tool in my arsenal..
Feel free to contact me for further instructions.

Have Fun !!!

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