Looking for smashed can pictures

adellabedella_usaDecember 28, 2007

I have a trash to treasure project coming up in a few months with a group of kids. I think the smashed can ornaments might be something we do if I can work it into something usable for our group. Anyway, I've googled and I can't find pictures. I know there are tons of smashed can projects out there. I'm looking for something with a face where the can hole is the mouth. I've seen the really cute Rudolfs that were previously posted. I'm looking for something more human like an angel or choir boy. Does anyone have any links or pictures they can post.

Thank you!


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I can't wait to see them!!

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Hi Adella -
Sounds like a fun project! In the link below there are a few ideas on making characters out of pop cans - the one with the woman's face could be adapted to be each child's face if someone had an instant camera or each child was able to bring a picture from home - or you could take the pictures ahead of time so they were available when you set out to do the project.
I just googled 'pop can art' and found that link. There were quite a few there that might help you out.
Suzan J

Here is a link that might be useful: Pop Can Art

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Thanks! This will help. It's all in the wording. I've been stuck on the words 'craft' and 'recycle' so I couldn't find much.

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Soda Can Angels
"Squash a soda can in on one side so that it is bending over and pull OFF the little pull tab. The hole is the mouth, and the little 'button' that holds the pull tab on is the nose. Paint the can, add some hair,a halo and ribbon wings and paint on a face. Glue a painted wooden heart to the bottom for feet."
--Candice, Moore, OK

Pop Can Snowman
Make a snowman out of an old soda can, an easy Christmas project for kids!
You will need:

* 1 cleaned, dried aluminum soda can
* 1 sheet of white construction paper or printer/copier paper
* 1 full sheet of newspaper
* Masking tape
* White paint
* Fiberfil or quilt batting
* Scrap fabric

Wrap the entire can with the white construction paper.

Using the full sheet of newspaper, form it into a ball and, using the masking tape, tape it to the top of the aluminum can. (This will form the head.) Cover the rest of the newspaper ball with masking tape.

Paint the taped newspaper ball with the white paint. Let dry completely.

Cover the white body of your snowman with the Fiberfil.

Buy or make a construction paper hat for your snowman. Add jiggle eyes and an orange pom-pom for the nose. Cut a scarf using scrap fabric. If possible use pinking shears and cut approx. 20" long and 1" wide. (You can trim later, if necessary.)

Your snowman is ready to display!

Contributed by Roberta, isewg@email.msn.com

Recycled Soda Can Frogs

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* Posted by shysue (My Page) on
Thu, Jul 26, 07 at 13:08


I will try to write out the directions for you.

You will need:

5 soda cans
4 bottle caps
4 flat backed black glass marbles
scissors (I used cheap Dollar Store scissors)
paper crimping tool
spray primer
green spray paint
red acrylic paint
paint brush
E6000 glue
6 1/2" x 10 1/4" cardboard or wood
black permanent marker or paint pen

For the two bodies, remove tabs from cans. For each can press on rim to bend top down. Do the same for the bottome rim. Step on middle of can to flatten body further. Cut through opening and down to bottom of remaining cans, then cut tops and bottoms off. These will be for the legs. Cut four 3/4" x 8 1/4" strips for hind legs. Cut four 1/2" x 8 1/4" strips for forelegs. Crimp all the legs with crimper. Freehand draw a pattern for feet. Trace eight feet onto remaining pieces of cans and cut out. Spray prime everything including bottle caps, then spray paint green. Paint inside of opening red for mouth. Glue marbles to inside of bottle caps for eyes. Glue feet to legs, then legs and eyes to bodies. Paint your sign anyway you want, then add wire as hanger. Glue frogs to back of sign. If your sign and frogs will be outside use GE Silicone II for Windows and Doors as the glue. Also use wood for the sign instead of cardboard. Use exterior paints to paint frogs and sign.


These cute little carolers are great for decorating or just keeping the kids busy for a few hours. I did them when I was in fourth grade and it is still my favorite craft. Here is how we made them.


1 soda can per caroler, rinsed and dried

Paint- red, blue, or green

Fabric (This is to wrap around the caroler to look like a coat so make sure it is cute. You will need about a 7X7 piece per caroler.)

2 bead eyes

1 nose- get creative, we always used something different. The little colorful pompom balls were my favorite.


1. Paint your caroler. If you are letting your younger children do this, than spread newspaper everywhere. Make sure you only paint around the can, do not paint the top or bottom. You might need two coats depending on what color you used. Wait for paint to dry.

2. Fold the fabric diagonally so it looks like a bandana. Wrap the long end of the fabric around the circumference of the can right where the can meets the top. The fabric end should meet in the front of the can so that on the top the hole is closer to you than the other side. It is suppose to look like a little shawl for the caroler. Get the fabric situated then hot glue it to the soda can. DO NOT let your children do this. Once you glue it on, trim off some of the extra fabric (if applicable) so that it looks pleasing to you.

3. Take off the little tap so that the top is completely flat. You are going to now arrange the carolers face. Keep in mind always that the opening is going to be the mouth. Place the eyes and then clue them down one by one. Then place then nose directly above the hole in the can.

4. Hold the can with two hands, with the caroler facing towards you. This means that the pointed end of the fabric should not be facing you. With the can in two hands, bend it slightly towards you, just enough so that you can see the top. This will be about at a 30 degree angle.

Your caroler is now complete. If you really want to get into it, start adding personal touches of your own.


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My wonderful daughter came over today and took pics of lots of my ornies for me. This smashed can Santa is about 10 yrs old and missing a lot of the white curly hair. But it gives you the idea.......for next year!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wreath with pop can carolers. In order to get the bonnet look... pinch around the center of the can before crushing.


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Thanks everyone! I had to give up on the cans. The cans need to be done in stages. We don't have enough days to do that. I'm going with another idea. I'll keep these ideas around to do with my own kids. I was looking at Rudolf again. He'd be a cute Easter rabbit or lephrechaun wth a few modifications.

gram_nh - I was admiring the measuring spoon snowmen. That would made a great family ornament...just add or remove spoons as needed.

I love the carolers and the other things too. I'll have to start saving some more cans for projects.

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