DIY magnetic boards

luthienDecember 9, 2008

hello there,

just wanna share some DIY magnetic boards here. these are made from glueing zinc sheets on the wooden palette cutouts. again i dabbled with mixed media. to tell you the truth, i'm not really excited about these, but the creative process was really exciting :) so hopefully i'll soon develop a better 'eye' for mixed media and create nicer things :))) but for now... i guess these will do :)))

as usual i dun wanna be too long winded here. if you like to see more photos and read about the process, it's in my blog :)

Here is a link that might be useful: if you like to read about it :)))

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They are lovely!!

The only thing I can think of would be to decoupage something on the magnets, as they look to modern for such a vintage looking piece. Other than that, they are perfect and a very creative idea.

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Very beautiful!!! you are so talented...

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Very beautiful!! Great job!

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Those are wonderful...I agree with gran nh. I would decoupage something on the magnets but the boards themselves are beutiful.

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I think old buttons would make great looking magnets on those boards.

They are beautiful..!!!


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hello ladies!
it is wonderful to wake up to so many lovely comments and solid suggestions :)

gram nh and smickerdoodle, that's a really good idea :) i shall find some little prints and try decoupaging them on the magnets. i was thinking vintage alphabets would be nice too... or music notes to go with the first one :)

patti, yea... i never thought of buttons! that's a great idea :) different size ones so there is a variety. i can imagine it already... i should do one cute board and make button magnets for it :)

leveta and amberscu, thank you for the lovely comments :))) you make my day!

thank you so much ladies :) i really appreciate this :)

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Luthien.....more beautiful projects! I don't know what zinc sheets are, I'll have to look into that :D
I thought the ceramic tiles looked like paint chips!

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They are great! I don't know what you mean about not being good at it! I also like the thought of the magnets being decoupaged and/or buttons. That way the person who uses it participates in the artwork, by moving part of it around.

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thank you ladies :)

kudzu, i dunno how to explain what zinc sheets are...i dun even know what they are actually used for!!! all i know is that i had to find something metal and lightweight and easy to shape :) so... zinc sheet is what i found :) but you can take a look at a picture of it at the post link i left.

kathy, what an interesting insight! i really like the idea you came up with... the user participating in the art work! wow! i really like that! thank you!

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Just Beautiful! I love mixed media art, never know where to start with this kind of project, but sure want to try.
you did a beautiful job painting the roses, gosh the whole project is beautiful!
I had a idea to make the coasters you showed useing old cds, might be a little large, but I have a large coffee mug,
will have to try after the holidays.
TFS! and takeing the time to show us how you make your beautiful projects.

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thank you very much for the lovely comments oddie :) the cd is a great idea. i was also thinking of what to use for XL mugs... they are making a lot of those guys now :) traditional size coasters are probably phasing out!! LOL! i'm going to be making another batch with kitchen tiles. you can try those... they come in a variety of sizes. i just got my 120 pieces from the tile shop today so i'll be busy :)))))

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Some ideas that come to mind for interactive art would be if you glued artificial flowers on, or wrote letters on the tiles the recipients could move them around on the board and come up with their own "arrangements".

Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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I wonder if the new MAGNETIC paint would work on these......and if you can decoupage over the paint and not lose it's magnetic powers???

Would be tons easier to make these if it worked, not to mention, cheaper!!!
Just an idea...Julie

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hello justlinda,
the flower idea is a good one :) that'll really be nice for interactive art :) thanks for the great tip!

hello julie,
from my experience, magnetic paint's not very good :) it's not very strong even when there's nothing over it :))) and it's not cheap either... well not in my country that is :))) zinc is way cheaper and so much more effective :) just that you gotta spend more time at it :)

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Hey bump again!
this board hasn't been very active, so I've been looking for Holiday ideas in the past posts and bumping a few.

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