Neat idea for old mismatched jewelry, a Christmas tree!

LaraDecember 9, 2007

Is't this a neat idea? I'm thinking icky costume jewelry from Christmases past, that somehow got misplaced, accidentally of course, LOL!

Don't laugh, but I was picturing this on a bathroom wall, sorta like bathroom humor! I have the perfect spot for it, between the tank and the vanity cabinet!

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no laughter here...not only are these folk art but highly collectable. I have a nice collection large and small. Some of the jewelry put on these when they were a popular handicraft in the 70's are now making these very very expensive to purchase.
I don't collect the ones with the lights but I do collect the others.


Here's a quick link to a few of mine I have both collected and made...

Here is a link that might be useful: BeJeweled Christmas Trees

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That is really a pretty one. I have been planning to make one for a while, that picture will help me a lot.

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The light up one that is listed on ebay has been viewed 569 times! And has one bid for $15. - I like it but some of that old jewelry is pretty valuable these days, not sure I'd include it in a tree - great use for the zillions of costume earrings that are around, though.
Suzan J

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Your work is lovely I really like what you have done.

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:) it's one of the few uses I've ever found for those horrible strands of pseudo-beads, besides princess costuming for my god-babies (who have now started making their own stuff - it's an amazing feeling when a kid goes from asking for stuff - to asking for the tools to try it herself)

they make perfectly acceptable garland for minature trees :)

but wow - I hadn't really thought of anything 'new' to do with the crappy costume jewelry that inevitably gets mixed in with the bag lots I pick up because there's a handful of glass beads in the bottom...

:) I think I feel a new project coming on!

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