LOOKING for: Advice on gelato v ice cream makers

bicoastalAugust 8, 2010

I read that gelato is different in technique: churned at lower speed and temp than ice cream, and no whipping in of air, thus enabling lower calorie ingredients such as milk instead of cream or egg custard, without compromising taste or texture

Have the gel filled bowl for kitchen aid and it works ok for fruit sorbet and ice cream

But am considering a condenser type (chilling built into machine rather than a separate canister bowl that u pre freeze) but really want gelato worthy equipment

Have looked at de longhi, Musso, simac, Ariente Viva compact... Some of these get pricey but really can't find good reviews

I think the cuisinart and many of others (including from brands named above) are all purpose cold dessert (ice cream, yogurt, sorbet etc) and may not be able to do gelato properly? Any clues or experience?

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