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country_bumpkin_alDecember 2, 2009

I've downloaded (but haven't installed) a couple of fonts I want to use for a project. I know there's a way to use them without actually installing them. I've done it before..but it's been a couple of years and I've forgotten how I did it.

Anyone know?

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I use them on my Microsoft works, or office.
How do you use them? Maybe I don't know and need to.

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I'm using them on the cards for the Angel Feather ornaments I'm making and I'm using a older version of PrintShop. I have several fonts saved in a folder on my Desktop (not installed on my computer). I think I may have found how to use them without installing. I'm fixing to try it. The instructions I found says to open the font you want to use and minimize it. Then open the program you will be using and the minimized font is suppose to show up in the list of fonts and you can choose it, do your project and save it.

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If you get it figured out let me know, I'd like to try too. I am totally in the dark.

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You need to open the font so its open on your desktop BEFORE you open the program that you want to use it in. I have a bunch of fonts in files and I go through them before a project and open up any that I think I might want to use. If they are open on the desktop before you open the program they will appear in the drop down font menu in the program just like the installed ones.
Hope this helps.

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