Anyone use exercise hoops?

leafy02February 25, 2012

My teenaged DDs would like exercise hoops--those things that are like hula hoops. Never having bought them before, I'm not sure what qualities to look for or to avoid. If anyone here has used them--if you have any advice or warnings, please share?

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I guess I'd like to know too!!! Always looking for a new exercise routine!!


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Terri is a pro at hooping and introduced it to us here on this site -- I'm sure she'll chime in soon!

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Hi. I'm on vacation so haven't been checking in regularly, and find it hard to reply fully on my cellphone. I have been hooping for about 3 years now, and it really changed my body. In fact I won a contest at my gym after my first 3 months for losing the greatest percentage of body fat, most of which came off my middle. I would suggest the Hoopnotica site for hoops, instructional DVDs and inspiration.

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Thanks, Terriks, I will check it out. Sounds like it is a good workout and that's a hard part to get the fat off.

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leafy, did you try searching for old posts? I think THS might have lost some of the old posts during their last site update, but we had several hooping posts in the last few years. terriks is our expert, but we had quite a few other members who tried it too. Sometimes a google search will bring up old gardenweb posts.

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The owner of a nail salon I frequent has a hoop and uses it in the back room during slow times. I haven't really talked to her about it, but she looks slimmer! I was also just reading about it in a Weight Watchers magazine last night. They said to start with 2 minutes and work your way up to 10. Seems like a great thing to keep in the kitchen and do while waiting for dinner to cook! I might give it a try. I'm just starting to see that midsection growth that is such a treat for those of us in our 40s.

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When I started I was so bad that I could only go for 30 seconds at a time! Now I can hoop for a half hour or more. I have learned a lot of different hoop techniques, and can hoop on my chest, lift the hoop off my body, etc. Not sure about hooping in the kitchen unless you have a really big kitchen! The adult hoops are large and you need quite a bit of space.

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Wish I could get motivated to do it every day. Was pitiful when I first started. Couldn't keep the hoop up more than a few seconds. Now I can manage about 5 minutes, but then get bored.

Terriks, that's pretty impressive!

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I usually hoop while watching TV, otherwise I would get bored.

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