porcelain Santa head and hands

cateyanneDecember 18, 2008

I posted this in the doll making forum, but no one is talking over there. I guess everyone is busy for the holidays. I'm hoping a crafter here will have some advise. I got an idea to make one of those Santa dolls you see in the stores, they are standing on a base of some kind with clothes trimmed in fur and carrying a sack of toys. Decorative dolls I guess you'd call them. I bought a porcelain head and hands set in the local craft store, but cannot find out how to attach it to a body. I can sew and am very handy. I have no doubt I can make one of these. This head does not have any holes in the breastplate, I cannot figure out how you would go about attaching it to a body.

Can anyone give advice?

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Had hopes someone here could help you, not a sewer but a make doer, I remenber the dolls from years ago most had holes to attach
maybe you could glue them, E6000 will hold just about anything, you could use hot glue to help hold till the E6000 sets, and the parts will be covered with santas clothes right, you would need a diamond bit to drill the holes yourself.
maybe someone will have a better idea.
Happy Crafting

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