Final floor plan, looking for opinions!

GrbrDecember 13, 2012

Hello everyone,

We have (finally) settled on a floor plan that our family seems to be okay with, and I was hoping to get some opinions from the experienced community here with any faults (or opportunites for optimization) our plan may have.

I would very much appreciate all comments on the floor plan.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you post a bigger version? Those details are impossible to see.

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Sorry about that. I think the forum resized the image when I attached it.

You can click the image to have it open up separately if you wish.

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Can you give us a bit of an introduction? Is this a second home in a lake/beach/mountain location? If so, then it might make sense. If it is going in an average suburban US town, then there are lots of things that don't make sense.

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I'm sorry for not clarifying, this is a suburban home in Vancouver (Canada).

What things did not make sense if it was going in a suburban US town? I'd assume the same things would not make sense here?

There are however some limitations to how we design our home (because of our lot, etc), I'm not quite sure of the extensive list however.

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What stands out right away for me is there's a lot of cramped spaces. You have a 7' wide bedroom, an under 10' wide family room, and what looks like only a couple of feet between your top step and the bedroom door across from it.

Some suggestions:
-Get rid of the secondary suite's guest bedroom altogether. Just make it open. There's no room for both a dining table and a couch in the space that's there, and that long hallway chews up a lot of space

-Swap the family room and the kitchen, and also make that more open. Reduce the length of the wall between the family room/kitchen and master bedroom. Honestly I don't think you have enough room for a separate family room and living room.

-Consider making the master bedroom narrower and give the kitchen/family room more space. That bedroom is disproportionately big compared to other rooms.

-As you walk from the foyer to the games room, you're walking through private space to get to public space. I would have a games room off the foyer, then a den at the far end so the spaces are better delineated.

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A range immediately next to a door is unreasonably dangerous and the passage is also obstructed by the corner of a desk. The absence of counters next to ranges and refrigerators is awkward.

A 7.5" riser should have a 10" tread for comfort and safety. Landings should have a min. of 36" clearance.

Overall an oddly cramped design.

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Thank you very much everybody, I realize I should have clarified, the main floor is essentially made to rent, and will be two separate suites.

Additionally, its very difficult at this point to edit the main floor... so I'll have to leave it.

On top however I plan to:
-Swap the family room and kitchen, and reduce the wall length between the master and kitchen to make it more open.
-I'm going to reduce the size of the master and give the size to the washroom in between the two bedrooms on top, as its very cramped.

I would like to thank both bobo and renovator for the suggestions, as it was crucially helpful.

I would appreciate all further suggestions, as I plan to submit these plan changes on monday.

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