RECIPE: Texas Millionaires

ginger_st_thomasAugust 2, 2003

TEXAS MILLIONAIRES (about 4 dozen)

2 cups semisweet chocolate morsels

2 cups butterschotch morsels

2 cups dry-roasted, lightly salted peanuts

2 cups shoestring potatoes

Combine morsels in top of a double boiler. Bring water to a boil. Reduce heat to low; cook, stirring constantly until morsels are melted & smooth.

Remove from heat; stir in peanuts & potatoes. Drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper-lined cookie sheet. Let set for 30-45 minutes. Store in an airtight container.~~

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Gees, I love it when you post these low calorie recipes!
Thanx a lot, Ginger.

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Hey, Roselin, for a Texas Millionaire I will throw calorie caution to the wind! LOL
Thanks, Ginger! This looks like something fun to do with the nieces and nephews when they ask to bake with Aunt Marlen.

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They do sound like something you can do with kids.
I will hace too have my niece bering her two girls over and can fix it sometime. One is 5 and the other one is two and my niece always says that the two is always beating up on the 5 year old.

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LOL Ilene! I have a lot of nieces and nephews and what you say also holds true for me. It seems the younger kids win out over the older ones! LOLOL

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My daughter and her friends used to make that when they were in JR high.....
I forget what they called them....They liked to melt the chocolate in the micro.....and occasionally would have it freeze.....then they could just eat the chocolate chips in a lump! LOL!
They invented many variations....some using Chinese noodles instead of the potatoes...or when I was out of nuts, whatever kind of cereal they could find......
Those little girls were big time into melting various chips and mixing stuff into it!
And today I have the second generation with me of melted chocolate chip candys!....but I think it'll be snickerdoodles again today!
Linda C

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Awww, brings back memories . . . my little kidlets used to make these into nests for Easter and put jelly beans in them . . . hey! . . . do you think this means they'll MARRY Texas millionaires?!?

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Pixistix-I'm still buying up those Lotto tickets so guess hope springs eternal!

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