Hi. I figure if anyone would know this, you all would.

naturepersonDecember 13, 2007

I have some plastic outdoor ornaments that I would like to attach to a fake wreath. They are the large ornaments and will sit on top of a fake wreath that sits on top of my urns on the front steps. Can you tell me what kind of glue will upstand freezing temps and strong winds?

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Pudge 2b

I use hot glue on outdoor wreaths without any trouble, and it gets mighty cold and windy in these parts.

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Thanks, Pudge. I was thinking E6000, but I wasn't sure about hot glue.

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I'd wire them, honestly - I don't trust any sort of adhesive out of doors for very long...

not to mention that once you glue something to a wreath, you're stuck with it :)

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The E-6000 would be one and Gorilla glue would be my second choice. Hot glue does NOT stand up to heat and cold... ...and I would wire it too...

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I have a lot of hot glued items outside. It does hold up. Not forever but it works for me because usually I tire of something and want to change it. That's the best part with hot glue, it can be pulled off later.

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Pudge 2b

My experience with hot glue outside on a fake wreath has been excellent. This year I wanted to remove plastic ornaments and large pine cones from a wreath and had to cut the glued items away as they wouldn't pull off. They had been on the wreath for about 4 years. Another outdoor glued wreath is now on its 4th or 5th year outside.

I wonder why we have different experience? Type of glue sticks? I just use the regular multi temp but my glue gun gets pretty hot (Black & Decker cordless). I use quite a bit of glue and nestle into the wreath.

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I'd use wire myself because a little wire poke in the finger hurts a heckaoff a lot less than that darn glue stuck on the skin...LOL!
Suzan J

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I would use the clear silicone they use to seal around windows, etc.

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FlamingO in AR

I've only known hot glue to let go if it gets really wet. And I've burned myself so many times now that I start saying ouch before the pain even starts, my mouth is faster than my brain, I guess. :) The drip on the bare inner thigh was the worst, though! Learned a lesson there!

Hot glue sets up the fastest, that's why I like it so much. If I couldn't use that, E6000 would be my next choice because it stays somewhat pliable and sets reasonably quickly. Wiring would be my last choice, simply because it's so time consuming and those pokes hurt my poor burned fingers. lol

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Flamingo, that's what you get for crafting in the nude! But seriously, I always keep a bowl of water right at hand when hot gluing- if you get it on you, just stick your finger into the bowl right away. Although how you are going to stick your inner thigh into a bowl remains to be seen...

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check this out


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Flamingo....I did that once...my glue gun broke somehow..the end came out and a big blob of glue dropped on my pants...I couldn't get it away from my skin quick enough...I had a big burn on my fat inner thigh...NEVER again....


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