RECIPE: Can you freeze peach pie filling?

quandaryJuly 5, 2007

I just made a fresh peach pie with locally grown peaches. I'd like to prepare fillings for several pies and freeze in individual ziplock bags. I'd love to be able to bake one of these delicious pies in the dead of winter. Has anyone tried this?

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You sure can.

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A good thing to do is to fill a pie plate with the filling....freeze it solid, pop it out of the pie plate and wrap and freeze.
Then when you want to make a fresh peach pie in January, you just make the crust, and place the partially thawed filling into the have exactaly the amount you need and you don't have to wait for the filling to completely thaw.
Remember, frozen fruit is juicier than fresh, so add a little more thickener.
Linda C

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Thanks, Linda -- that's a great idea. Should I line the pie pan with plastic wrap, so it'd be easier to remove? Isn't it necessary to let the filling thaw completely before I bake it? My crust will be at room temperature.

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yes line the pan with plastic wrap..then fold the wrap over the filling, then put in the freezer, when solid, pop out of pan, and place inside freezer bags.
You will have a much longer baking time if you use the frozen pie filling. Some schools say to thaw the filling over night and then bake. But that would negate the point in freezing first in a pie pan/dish. I often just put the filling into a ziploc and freeze.
Try it both ways and see, what works best for you.

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