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lilypad22July 20, 2003

My parents used to make teaberry ice cream every summer. We used teaberry candies , they are small and red (pink when they melt) and about the size of small B-B's. I would love to make this again, but cannot find the candies anywhere. Dad used to buy them outside Harrisburg, PA, near Newport, PA...so instead of an actual recipe, I need an ingredient! Please, any help with this will be so much appreciated! Thanks, tish

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So far I haven't found the candy but I found Teaberry flavoring. Should work perfectly for ice cream.

Here is a link that might be useful: Teaberry

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Scroll down & you'll find some Teaberry candy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy

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ive tried this three times now and i hope this gets to you this time. i am looking for a teaberry ice cream recipe. we used to get it every august when we would go to the marysville carnival. i sure do miss it. can you please share yours with me
thank you

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It's a family secret, I really shouldn't.....just kidding! I live in Ga now, but I was passing thru Marysville in May on the way to visit Newport, Pa. This recipe probably came from there someplace, could be the one you were eating? Someone there in Newport or maybe Sunbury gave it to my mom in the 1960's. When I finally got teaberries again, I cut the ingredients in half and used my Cuisinart ice cream maker. My folks used to double the ingredients for our old ice cream freezer. Happy eating! tish

Teaberry Ice Cream
1 Tbl cornstarch
1 3/4 cup sugar
1 qt milk
4 eggs
4 cans Carnation evap. milk
1/3 cup teaberries (the little flavored candies)

Combine cornstarch, sugar & eggs - mix well. Heat canned milk until it begins to steam, remove from flame and pour over sugar slowly. Stir constantly. Add 1 qt milk. (now you can add a teaspoon of plain gelatin per quart, says it keeps it smooth - but we never did this). Put in ice cream freezer.

OK, recipe does not say to add the teaberries! A couple hours before getting the rest of the icecream mixture ready, My mom would measure the candies (little be-be size) in a measuring cup large enough to add some of the milk and let it sit, stirring occasionally until they mostly melted. She would pour this flavored liquid thru a sieve and into the pot last, after she had added the milk, just before it went into the the freezer cylinder. The teaberries never melted completely, there is a small white center left that tastes chalky, that is why it is seived, don't want that in your ice cream.

It is still my favorite flavor ice cream and I enjoy making it now and then. Now that I don't use a regular ice cream freezer, that rock salt flavor doesn't seep into the ice cream, sometimes when I put the icecream in my dish, I sprinkle just a little salt, it's a memory, ha.

Where are you getting your teaberries? A very nice lady got some for me and told me a couple places I could get them when I was down towards mechanicsville/burg ?. So far I'm still using the ones she got for me.

I hope you have a chance to make some soon and I hope it tastes as good as you remember. Please post that you got the recipe. Take care.... tish

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I found the Teaberry candies at an Amish bulk food store in central IL. I remember seeing them again on a recent trip to their store.
I use them to flavor a cup of plain hot tea. It's not so plain anymore!


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im looking for teeberry ice cream for i party.i live in morton pa.delaware co.

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I stumbled upon this page trying to find a place to purchase elderberries.
My husbands grandmother used to make elderberry pies in Ohio and my husband hasn't had one in years...I found a place that sells elderberries and teaberries http://wildpantry.com/wildfruit.htm...I didn't know that an actual teaberry existed. All I ever had growing up in Sunbury PA. was teaberry ice cream and of course those little candies. How I miss that teaberry ice cream. Now I've got to find those little candies and make some.

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Recently I was a visitor at Moosehead Lake in Maine where the hostess gave me, from her shrub, a teaberry leaf to taste. It tasted just like the old-fashioned teaberry gum. I've never had teaberry ice cream, but found the experience interesting. Live and learn,eh?

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I'm planning to visit the bulk food store in the next few weeks. Shall I check to see if they will mail the teaberry candies? Or, ask for their source so that you can order from them?


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A very wonderful lady contacted me back in 03 and sent me some of the teaberry candies. I would love to have an address to order more if you could get one.

If you've ever had teaberry icecream....and years later you get to taste it again?....it tastes even better than you remember. Icecream is really good from the old ice churn freezers, but with the new small cuisinart kinds, it's quick and easy and you can have this special ice cream in no time.

I thought maybe those candies were just local to Pa, cause when we couldn't get them, we were told the factory that made them had a fire. They couldn't be found anywhere, so we thought maybe no one else made them. I was so happy when someone found them again!

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I'll see if I can find a source for you.

Not sure when we're going, SIL wants to ride along, so it depends on her schedule, but hope to go in the next few weeks.


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Tomorrow is the day, we're going to Amish country and the bulk food store. Yeah! I buy my flours there, white and wheat, as well as spices, vanilla, honey, and several other things. I have my list ready, and plan to check for a source for Teaberry.
There are 15 ladies going......it turns out that our lady's group monthly outing was planned to go to the Amish area.........and, I'm their bus driver!

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I got a carton of Teaberry for myself, but they wouldn't share any info on the source. I would hope that any of the Amish bulk food stores, or other similar stores could get it for you.
Sorry, I tried.


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I found the teaberries! Hallelujah! After finding this site I got so homesick for teaberry ice cream I didn't stop until I found them.. I will get back to you all tommorrow with my sources. Also found a recipe for teaberry ice cream and a source for REAL teaberries....I didn't even know the real thing existed....although my brothers and I would always ask our mom if there was a real berry or just those little red candies....My next venture I think will be making my own birch beer soda...anyone remember something called a Red Bull? We used to get them at the dairy made with Red Birch Beer and Ice Cream. MMM! Stay tuned! :) Carol, originally from Sunbury, PA (last 20 years in Los Angeles area)

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thank you lilypad
i so appreciate your recipe. now i will have to search for teaberries. i know i saw them on the web before but cant remember where. neat that you went through marysville. my grandparents lived there for many years. my grand father worked at a gas station on the main road . they lived in a house across the street from it but the house is now a new quick mart right by the old school that is now aprtments. my grand mother worked in the lady finger factory. we used to eat a lot of lady fingers. the only place i ever had teaberry ice cream was at the marysville carnival, my favorite one. boy i miss that area especially new bloomfield. that is my favorite small town.
im rambling
thanks again for your help

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Terri, if Carol doesn't get back to us with her source for teaberries, I could send you 1/3 cup...email me. tish

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Anyone ever find these candies?

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I'm reporting a teaberry sighting. I've just returned to Raleigh, NC from visiting my family in central PA. I successfully found teaberry ice cream in Selingsgrove and Lewisburg at soft serve places.

I've also returned with teaberry candies and artificial teaberry extract to make ice cream in the White Mountain ice cream freezer I recently inherited.

I had forgotten all about teaberry ice cream until early this spring when I had a craving for it while pregnant with my daughter. The last time I had it was as a kid in the summer at my grandparent's house.

Anyway, the teaberry extract is manufactured by Shank's Extracts, Inc. Lancaster, PA 17603. I bought it at an amish bulk food shop near my parents. It came in a variety of sizes (2 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz). I don't know the source of the candies since they were packaged by weight in small containers.

Hope this info might be helpful. Thanks for the previous post with a recipe.

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I am looking for a supplier of the real teaberries, either fresh or dried. I can get them myself in Tennessee, but the little plants are scattered throughout the pine woods and it would take hours to pick even a cup full of the tiny berries. I recently found some on a trip back to Tennessee and ate a few, which of course made me want more. Found this site and would like to find out where lars1234 and the rest found their sources. Please post sources when you can.
Thanking you in advance,

Here is a link that might be useful: Wild Pantry

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I found some real teaberries, not the candy ones. Real teaberries are a berry that's also called wintergreen berry and it grows in pine woods along the east coast. I have found someone in Ohio who picks them as they are only ripe in the late fall/winter. Real teaberries!


Read more about it at www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1613,157162-247193,00.html
Content Copyright � 2011 Cooks.com - All rights reserved.

1/2 lb. teaberries, soak in milk overnight
3 heaping tbsp. cornstarch
2 tbsp. flour
3 qts. milk
5 eggs
2 1/2 c. granulated sugar

Place in a double boiler and cook until it thickens. Remove from heat and add: 2 tbsp. vanilla

Cool ingredients. Place in your ice cream freezer and freeze.

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I have tons of tea berries growing behind my house, I'm looking for some other recipes for them besides ice cream or tea. Any ideas?

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You can get teaberry extract and teaberry candies at the Lewisburg Farmer's Market in Lewisburg, PA. Only open on Wednesdays. I make a basic vanilla ice cream and add teaberry extract (to taste) and red food coloring for the pink color. Delish...just like I grew up with!

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Great!, I have relatives there; maybe they could get some for me later on. I was using extract I got at an Amish market in Annapolis, Md. Sometimes just putting a little in some vanilla store bought ice cream and mixing it up...not the same, but still ok. But recently my daughter ordered me some of the candies from nuts.com for Mother's Day. It was a very nice surprise. tish

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