recipe: looking for: deep fried 'waffle' pastry batter recipe

sugarmapleJuly 31, 2009

Hi. I recently "won" a pastry wand at an auction. It is a handle that attaches to numerous decorative shapes. The attachment is dipped into a batter and then placed in hot oil. The batter deep fries and falls off of the wand in the shape of the attachment. When the pastry is done, powdered sugar or cinnamon, etc, can be sprinkled on. No recipe for the batter was included. My mom, years ago when I was a child, had a set but she didn't use it often and then she couldn't find it -it either got thrown out, or borrowed, or who knows - but evidently the name of these crunchy pastries and the batter recipe went with it. I did a search on the internet but I couldn't locate anything. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Colleen

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the pastry is called swedish rosettes, usually made at Christmas time. google the recipe you'll find it under that name, also it takes practice if you've never used these irons once you get the hang of it its easy.

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Thanks, sffog! I was looking under Italian recipes when it asked for nationality. I'm going to google it right now. You really made my day! Colleen

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