what is up with this More is Less?

su333December 31, 2008

Sorry but I am a newbie to decorating and I keep hearing

More is Less, why? I like the flea market and cottage

style look, but someone was saying that more is less. I just

thought what you had was ok. I just like to fill my

house with things I like, is that wrong?

If anyone can explain it, thanks, and may God bless you


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Well, haven't heard it out here! But I never did what everbody else did anyway!! We've not a bunch of sheep. I hate it when you redo your kitchen & then can't find anything to match few years later. Sounds like trying to get people to buy & get economy going!! I just do what I want when I want to & my house is not gray!!!! Never was, don't care for it, looks great on some houses, I just don't want it on mine!!! I never had huge flowered wallpaper either. Relative had huge flowers on black paper in kitchen, she liked it so that's what counts!! Not too much for fads tho 1 did work well to my advantage, I was PG & made 'tent' dresses & man asked me if I was PG. I had the baby next day!! I must be right on top of things as I certainly have "more" than I know what to do with!!! Jan

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I'm beginning to think the TV shows on decorating are dictating what we can and cannot do in our own home. Those shows are entertaining, but I really believe they show what's going on in California, and not the real world.

If you like what you have as decoration in your home, who is anybody to say it's wrong? I have been told "Country" is dead. But my wife and I LIKE Country!

In the crafts business, there are always "experts" that try to say what the next trend is. "Yellow is the big color for 2009!" Why? Because they got a LOT of cheap yellow cloth and they are trying to unload it!

Don't worry what any "expert" says. You do what you want. Who knows? YOU might be the next trend setter!

Chris in VT

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Iam with chris, dont worry about what others say, your home is yours and should make you happy! each of us has our own style of decorating, and what makes us happy, so I say go with what looks good to you!

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What you have is OK and don't let anyone tell you any different!!!!
These"decorators" and their TV shows are just another form of marketing. Don't fall for it. The shows are just infomercials with a thin, very thin, veneer of authenticity.
I'll bet the decorators houses don't look like the stuff they inflict on their victims.
It's your place, do what you like with it!

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Thanks for all your help, I wrote to the wrong
group but I got some great opinions, cool
God Bless you

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