Magnolia leaf Santa

oddieDecember 1, 2008

posted about these last year, findly saved some leaves and painted these two santas, the beard is texture paint on one, the other regular craft paints, might attach these to a card or use on a package.

Happy Crafting!


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Oddie, they are beautiful! Did you seal them with something? I would hate for all that work to crumble! Wish I had that magnoila tree I've been meaning to plant!

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I love these!!

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A cool idea! Love how you painted them, and the little pom-pom,too! Hundreds and hundreds of magnolia trees here at our place. I have one right off the back deck with the brownish gold leaves all over the ground, seed pods, and great big boughs of green shiny leaves.
Are you painting the freshly dried ones?

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Those are very nice and original! I wish I could paint! They look sad though! Hang them on your tree too.
I have a cotton bough painted like a poinsettia and a peach seed that looks like an angel. My mom bought them in Georgia a few year back. I love crafts made from nature!

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Well, what do you know, I just told Kudzu that we had pulled out our magnolia tree as it shed constantly & neighbors turned around & bought 1 & I get to pick up their leaves all the time. Who knew there was a use for them!!!!!!Do you preserve them somehow? How long do they last!! Now we need a little wind to blow some over here!!!! Don't really have time right now as got to make candy & cookies for xmas!! Working on a little bell that was falling apart. If I can get it to work out I'll try to get pic. DD spent 6 1/2 hrs moving my pics over to MY pics & by yr. so I can pick out ones I want to go on. So she will come 1 more time. Oh, DS is coming after xmas for a week!! I'm thrilled!!Jan

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Thank you! I picked the leaves about a month ago while they were still green, put them in a catalog to press and dry, sprayed them with a matt finish frist painted them then sprayed agine, should have kept with the matt sealer as the other sure shows glare and not good for photos.
yes the face does look sad, or even a little scared, wonder what they have been up to LOL! not sure how long they will last, have some I painted just gold no sealer, a few years ago and they still look good, had planed on makeing a wreath or use on the mantel, just never got around to it.
the trees are a mess with all the leaves, but gosh so beautiful when they bloom!

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absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!!


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the-light-lady, I have a peach seed angel too! I bought in Georgia also, (where I live!) I think it is really pretty hanging on the tree! I saved a peach pit once to dry and paint but threw it out before I got ambitious (SP) enough!

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Wow!! So very pretty!! I so wish I could paint something other than walls!! Those will look so nice on a wreath! You'll have to post a picture!! I wonder if you could make garland out of them? Just a few on a beaded string??

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that's really cool!

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thank you! dont call myself a painter, just willling to try, eyes would be cute with just dots and anyone can do those, cheeks are just blush put on with a qtip.
give it a try, never know till you do!
Happy Crafting

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