What's For Dinner #334

ann_tJanuary 30, 2014

Annie, Your fried chicken and mashed sweet potatoes are calling my name.

Jasdip, I would be happy with a piece of your apple pie. And your whole wheat bread.

Melissa, great looking steak. Perfectly cooked.

Kitchendetective, your duck dinner sounds delicious. If you are finding your duck tough, you might want to try Ian Garten's recipe. It is my favourite way to cook a whole duck. I think Annie uses the same recipe.

Baked bread yesterday.

Enough dough for a pizza for dinner.

I'm really happy with the crust. Thin crust but with a puffy rim.

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I always love love LOVE these WFD threads! Stunning photos of delicious food!!! Love that bread, Ann, and of course, pizza always calls my name!

I did a practice run yesterday for baked teriyaki chicken wings and while they're not for dinner (although they could be if I made more!), it's a good little appetizer. As you can see, someone snatched one up while I was getting my camera!

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Pizza looks great. DH is on his third loaf of Sat bread. I need to try it for pizza.

Did another trial run of falafel. This was round two. The first was just too bland.
Perfect for the vegetarians on Superbowl Sunday. I'm making baby lamb sausages and will be making a tahini sauce and cucumber tzatziki anyway so falafel will be perfect. It's baked and super crispy crusty and creamy spicy inside. They held up the next day. Did not dry out or get soggy so i can make ahead.

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Ann, your pizza looks great.
Sounds like they'll be some good Super Bowl food this year. Baby lamb sausages would be a halftime treat I would enjoy. I'll be eating but not cooking for it this year.

Tonight's dinner was a baked spice-coated pork tenderloin with a drizzle of bourbon sauce, short-grain brown rice with vegetables and cashews, and roasted acorn squash fingers. Our teatime treat will be a slice of orange blossom cake.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to the farmers' market that sells misshapen or oversized mushrooms from the mushroom houses a few miles away so tomorrow's dinner most likely will be something 'shroom-y.

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Pizza, wings & falafel !! Someone could really enjoy the Super Bowl with those . We're cheating & running to Wegman'.s real early Sun am & picking up a few dz of their's-- mild buffalo , garlic parm, Old Bay seasoned.

Still waiting for the replacement CD software for the new camera--have no idea were it went to-- probably out with the trash with Christmas wrapping.

Tues evening we had split pea soup-- a new recipe for me--I've never actually used a recipe ,just wing it--this one was done in the crockpot-- with a shank ham bone-- was very pleased with the end result.

Last night was ham loaf, baked sweet potatoes & green beans--started next week's cooking for my laid up friend ( will take over Sat)so mixed a double batch & had a loaf for us .

Today was a big pot of Woodie's Sausage Tortilini soup--couple bowls were our supper--rest will go to friend.


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Ann T, I think Elery is envious of your pizza. We don't have it often, and he loves the stuff.

sooz, he'd go for the chicken wings too, even without hot sauce!

Ruthanna, now I'd take that dinner any time, the pork looks perfect.

sleevendog, I like falafel a lot, it's something I haven't thought of having in a long time. And I have a cucumber in the fridge, as well as yogurt so I have tzatziki ingredients. I'm not a fan of lamb, but Elery loves the stuff. He could have the sausage and I'd just eat falafel.

Diane, I'm just glad you're back and posting, with or without pictures. It's definitely split pea soup weather here too.

So, what have we been eating? I made some homemade oat/flax/whole wheat buns and thawed a pound of my homegrown grassfed beef. It doesn't have enough fat to make a great burger, so I added some olive oil, along with salt and pepper. For a side I made up a salad made of wheatberries, sautéed onions and celery, raisins, almonds, mango and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and used a whole bunch of small amounts of "stuff" that needed to be used.

We also had some sirloin tips with noodles, a kind of Harvard Beet dish made with orange juice and brown sugar and homecanned beets, and some Chana Chaat that was way too spicy for me to eat more than a single taste, but Elery loved the stuff.

Last night we had baked fish, collard greens and baked sweet potato and we had some faux crabcakes earlier this week, made with that fake crab which I bought on sale and stuck in the freezer some time ago, but they were good. No pictures were taken of any of that, LOL, some days I'm just hungry and don't think about it.


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Some of our Persian (Iranian) friends had us over for dinner. This was a simple dinner, but I learned a bit more about how this cuisine is made.

Here is a saffron rice dish. The Iranians make marvelously fluffy light rice. Here is how. They par cook basmati rice in the normal way, boiling in water. The water is discarded. In a new pot, coat the bottom with melted butter, then layer it with slices of potato, then saffron. Put the half cooked rice on top of that. Place fabric ove the pot, then a lid over the fabric. Cook the rice over low temperature. There is no loose water in the pot, so the rice can't get mushy, rather it stays separated and fluffy. The potato keeps the bottom rice layer from burning. The fabric captures the condensation, so it doesn't drop back down on the rice. The saffron flavors the rice and when the rice is mounded on a plate, the golden saffron colored rice will be on the top. The potato slices turn into crisp, brown, buttery slices of yummy.

This is an eggplant and lamb dish. The lamb is knuckles, slow cooked and melting. The eggplant is, well I don't like eggplant much, but it was very good if you like eggplant. On top is baked tomatoes. Which feels kind of English.

This is pressed beef strips, grilled over open coals, with baked tomatoes. There was also pork, marinated and threaded on wide flat skewers, grilled over those coals.

Not shown - a cucumber mint yoghurt, a salad that was sort of a salsa, potato pancake thingys. I know so little about this cuisine, but love eating it!

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Diane, I'm so happy that you are posting here again.

Sooz, your baked teriyaki chicken wings look sooo good.

Sleevendog, nice plating.

Ruthanna, I would be happy with your dinner. Squash and pork. Favourites.

John that looks like a great dinner. Love the idea of the rice and potatoes. And the potato pancake thingy is that like a bread?


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Ann, I didn't try the potato pancakes, so i'm not sure of their texture. I was quite captivated by the rice!

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Yikes, what a menu. Game day foods. Lobster rolls, dogs, (not planned), a DH shopping spree....made tiny rolls, arepas meant to be sweet po tater tots...lots of fresh pickles, slaw, a fresh red pepper relish, and the falafel and the sauces and homemade mayo and mustard and 'ketchup'...(roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes)....

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sleevendog, I'll have the lobster please, and the sweet po-tater tots.

John, I like eggplant, so I'd probably enjoy that dish and the rice is intriguing to me too. The beef, though, I'm wonder about. You say it is "pressed". Does that mean it's flattened, like with a mallet or heavy pan, or is it ground meat that's pressed into strips, like beef jerky made with ground meat?

Oh, what's for dinner? Bud and Makayla spent the weekend, so we had pizza, which made Elery very happy. We also had, variously, nachos, shrimp, homemade french fries, garlic and cheese biscuits. This morning we had crepes filled with Nutella for The Princess and crepes filled with Biscoff for The Bruvver. French Toast and Bacon for me and both the kids helped with that too. Elery filled his crepes with scrambled eggs and cheese.

Supper? That was leftovers while I canned beef stock. Yes, I have pictures. Nope, not on the computer yet, LOL. Tomorrow I have to go to stepmother's after the farm, then to Dave's garage to do his books. Tuesday I'm babysitting for 12 hours for Ashley's girls, so we'll have to be at the farm when the sun comes up to finish chores before I come home, clean up and make it to Ashley's by 10 am when her MIL has to leave for her job and I need to take over. She and her DH both work 12 hour shifts, so they won't be home until 7:30 or 8:00 pm, it'll be a long day.

Maybe Wednesday I can bake bread and catch up!


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Annie, have you had a gyro or falafel? You know the lamb that has been minced, spiced, pressed, and roasted on a rotisserie? This beef had a similar texture, though it was grilled over open coals.

We and our Persian friends are supposed to have dinner at my house someday. I'm supposed to make a bunch of traditional Chinese dishes. I've been dragging my feet, because having done so little Chinese cooking lately, I feel like I need to get back up to speed before having them over. But this dinner was the last straw, the next turn is clearly mine (gulp).

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Ruthanna, I'd love your pork tenderloin. I have a couple in the freezer that need to be used up. Thanks for the reminder.

Beef stew and noodles, looks terrific, Annie.

We just finished dinner. Basa fillets,we love them; steamed/sauteed broccoli and brown rice.

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Sleevendog. Now that is what I call a Super Bowl feast.

Jasdip, we had fish last night too. I wish I had made your sides.

I made a cole slaw, that tasted really good. Moe loved it. But I just don't care for cole slaw so I just had halibut and roasted German Butter potatoes. I really didn't care for the potatoes either. The texture was good. Nice yellow colour, but they had a slight sweetness too them. I should have stuck to my normal Russet potatoes.


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Annie-- nothing like a good hamburger & beef in any sauce over noodles is a favorite of ours--yours looks very good. You're a good Gramma, lady-- I sometimes miss those long babysitting sessions for the little ones ( & heaven help me I sometimes don't ).

Johnliu-- that rice looks & sounds interesting-- sounds like it was a very enjoyable evening for you.

Steevendog-- hey that's what game day menus are suppose to look like-- everything you like or want that doesn't really go together.

Jasdip . Is bassa a white fish, -- freah or salt water?

Ann-- there's that halibut again-- lovely-- I wonder if I could find it frozen around here ?

We've been enjoying :
Friday-- Woodie's Sausage Tortilini soup-- a complete meal in itself !

Sat--Fresh caught thru the ice Lake Perch quick fried in butter & drizzled with lemon juice. Side of spinach steamed with slivered lemon peel & sprinkle of apple juice.

Sun-While watching that poor excuse of a superbowl ( but loved the Bud commercials-- hated the half time show )-- Wegman's wings & a iceberg wedge salad with Lindac's homemade blue cheese dressing-- Pabst for Doc-- a cafe mocha made with the Hot Chocolate ball compumom posted from America's Test Kitchen for me -- which was a bit rich as I used Ghirardelli's 60 % coca chips-- makes a wicked mug of hot chocolate so I thought I'd try one in a cup of hot coffee--OMG , new addiction !

Tonight was a homemade Philly Cheesesteak pizza-- well sort of homemade, dough from local pizza shop-- thin sliced & sauted bottom round, carmalized onions, base sauce just a garlic--olive oil & parsley spread-- & grated cheese-mix of provolole & cheddar. Side was homemade chunky applesauce made in micro using up a few apples getting past their prime & a 1/2 c of canned, broken pear pieces ( my pear tree grows just oddly misshapened pears so all my home canned pears are odd shaped pieces-- but they still taste great); squirt of honey & dash of cinnamon. Nuked for 5 min covered them very slightly mashed.


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Hi Diane,
I discovered Basa a year ago when it was on sale 1/2 price.
I love it. It's all white, and boneless. I live in Ontario but found this about it, on Allrecipes.

"Basa is a new fish that is common in many markets here in Houston. It is a mild, tasty fish."

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Diane, no chance of fresh perch here. Moe would be thrilled with fresh perch or walleye or pickerel. He loves lake fish.

We had Mexican last night.

Started with a Paloma instead of a Margarita.

Tequila, Grapefruit Soda (I used San Pellegrino) and fresh squeezed lime.

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Pork Chile Verde with Black Beans.

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Not dinner, but these oatmeal cookies are for dessert with my tea.

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As usual, the CF rocks in the kitchen!

My favorite dish at Carrabba's is Chicken Bryan. I don't go to Carrabba's often but I do make the Chicken Bryan copycat recipe at home. Today I did something a little different...Chicken Bryan Casserole. Same ingredients just chunked up the grilled chicken and layered it in a casserole dish.

Made it easier to have leftovers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken Bryan

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We had sloppy joes for dinner. They're so quick and easy, I don't know why I don't think of them more often.

I had the urge for apple pie, so I made Crostata after dinner. I remembered to take a pic, after our pieces were eaten.

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Ann_t - such incredible pizza. Are you sure you are not Italian?

Sooz - I love the plates you have. The design makes the teriyaki wings look so good.

Sleevendog - Very nice photo of falafel.

Ruthanna - the pork tenderloin is plated beautifully.

Annie - There is a feller on another forum who posts every single meal with truffles, caviar and other very expensive ingredients. It would be a lot of fun for you to show him how good food can be had for not much money.

John - It is amazing how often you can come up with such interesting dishes that also look good.

Jasdip - Basa is also my favorite. You have your basa perfect. Also very nice baking.

A few recent meals.


Vegetarian dish

Sous vide hanger steak


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Let's eat! There's a lot of inspiration here. I don't have time to respond to each post-- however...
Ann- Please pass me a Paloma!
Cathy-- Chicken Bryan looks delish, I'll be trying it very soon!
John-- we love Persian food. That kabob and tomatoes look great! Thanks for the heads up on how that tadiq was made with potatoes!
Annie- I have the kids next weekend. They might love Nutella crepes!
Ruthanna- DH had pork tenderloin tonight too!
DH's was sliced and sauteed in TJ's Masala sauce and served on a batch green lentils. He loves Indian food and and pork tenderloin. It was a match made in heaven! I had plain chicken with lemon and rosemary.

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I would love to try all of your dinners.
As we've been battling the snow and ice lately, my soup pots have been working overtime. This week's were a creamy chicken-barley-mushroom and this mulligatawny, which we had with a spinach and mushroom salad.

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Back to a more substantial meal of shrimp Creole over rice and steamed Savoy cabbage.

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beachlily z9a

Today was our 40th anniversary. What to eat??? Well, had smoked pork chops in the freezer (we share one), risotto and steamed FL broccoli. Couldn't take pictures because it had to be served fast. Tasty, with and Italian wine.

I appreciate all the recipes provided on this site. Use them often. But this evening, we both loved the dinner!

OMG, I purchased lovely FL strawberries, but we will have them tomorrow.

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Beachlily, Happy Anniversary, and many more to come in the future! That dinner sounds just fine to me too, but what was for dessert? (grin)

Ann T, I love fish and cole slaw, I usually use the slaw in place of tartar sauce, even on a fish sandwich or a fish taco. I just like the combination, I guess.

Jasdip, I made your granola cookies, using some gingerbread granola I had left from the holidays. I think I overbaked them a little because they weren't soft, they were crunchy, but they were very good, I'll definitely make them again.

Diane, those long days can get a little long. I admit I far prefer the days when I babysit for 3 or 4 hours over the 12 hour days.

Dcarch, I guess it's all in what you like. I don't care for either caviar or truffles, which is very fortunate because I just can't bring myself to spend the kind of money they want for them anyway. My venison stir-fry and oxtails probably wouldn't be any more suited to that other "feller" either. It's that old "taste is not objective, it's subjective" thing. Fine by me, he can have the truffles and I'll keep the venison!

Cathy, I have to admit that I've only been to a Carrabba's one time, and I had seafood. Those ingredients sound like something Elery would like a lot, I'm going to have to send him that link.

Ellen, definitely try the Nutella Crepes. Bud likes them with sliced banana added, which makes it a bit more nutritious. I replenished my "stash" of Nutella, having gotten my hands on three "buy one get one free" coupons. Nutella was on sale for $3 each here, so I bought three, got three free. Now what in the world am I going to do with that much Nutella? Rhetorical question, of course, The Princess and Bruvver are coming over for dinner tomorrow and I'm sure she'll happily rescue some from my basement stash, LOL.

Ruthanna, soup is exactly like the kind of food this weather requires. Yours looks creamy and delicious.

So, what's for dinner? The above mentioned venison and broccoli stir fry, one of Elery's favorites, served with brown rice, mashed rutabaga and some home canned pink half runner beans. Yeah, a strange combination, but we liked it.

Another night we had maple and mustard glazed chicken with sweet and sour beets, baked beans leftover from the weekend and some braised cabbage.

The Princess was here with her brother last week, they've had a LOT of snow days, and we decided to make French fries. So, I dragged out the cast iron dutch oven, added oil and showed her how to cut fries. She wanted to use the fancy crinkle cutter, and I didn't care what shape they were, LOL. I showed her how to fry them once and take them out when they are just beginning to brown:

Let them drain while the oil is coming back up to 350 or so, then dunk them in until they are golden and crispy:

Salt them carefully, because you can't take it back off if you get too much!

Now she wants to know how old she has to be before she can "join" the Cooking Forum. I told her she was plenty old enough now, but she has to tell us she cooked something besides waffles, her current "favorite food". (grin) Watch for a new member soon!


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Dcarch, your hanger steak looks perfect. We don't have it here.

Ruthanne, your meals look great, and we love cabbage in any form.

Annie, comfort food at its best. Princess' french fries are perfect!!!!
Since you keep your house at such a cold temp, I was looking for her to have finger-less gloves on.....at least a sweatshirt!

The other day I walked into the bedroom to see this......our smallest cat under the afghan that's on my side of the bed. Poor thing was cold.

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Annie, Looking forward to when Makayla joins the forum. I like fries cut into rounds and halves. It is the way my mom always made hers.

Jasdip, that Crostata looks delicious. I would have had a piece for dessert and another slice for breakfast.


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I'm new to the cooking forum, so I hope it's okay that I just jump in and share some pictures. I've been working on putting together a real food recipe book/binder for my step-mom with some of my favorite recipes, so I actually have a couple of pictures of our recent dinners. I hope my pictures look at least a little appetizing despite my terrible lighting and crappy point and shoot camera, because they really do taste good.

Sausage ratatouille

Chicken enchilada casserole

Bourbon spiced pork shoulder roast

With roasted apples and sweet potato rounds

And some sides... I didn't get a photo of the plated meals
Creamy mac and cheese (we had with leftover chili)

Roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese...

And roasted red potatoes that we had with a pan-seared rib-eye steak

And a breakfast from leftover chili and zucchini corn bread - chili eggs

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Welcome to the CF emorems0!! Your pictures looks great, I really like the sound of the sausage ratatouille.

We had a lazy day today, watching some Olympics and Julie and Julia (again). I always shed some tears when it's over.

Tonite was leftover scalloped potatoes (I love them the second day), roasted asparagus, a new meatball recipe made with pork and beef, shredded carrots, minced garlic and ginger and sesame oil. A sauce of hoisin and water to serve over. It's definitely a keeper.

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I tried a new meatball recipe, too, last night! Used the recipe Cloudy Christine contributed to the lamb cookalong. Smoked paprika is a strong flavor component and the sauce is very simple roasted pepper and yogurt. I left out the chickpeas. We loved it and I'll definitely be making it again soon. Thanks, CC!

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My dinners are starting to look the same...but not at all in flavor.
This time of year we like sauce and stock and warm broth.

Creole corn chowder with salmon. Prepped an 'en papillote' at the same time for Saturday. And would have been great cold with fresh dill, but we ate it all.
Just used the tail end for the chowder. The rest of the fillet for next day.

Sunday roasted a chicken with big base of veggies...beets, potato, brussels, garlic...
asparagus tossed on top at the end....

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Winter Sunday night meals is most of the time in the dinning room in front of the fireplace. Last night was one of our favorites. Pizza! Homemade and served with Pepsi. The outside world was cold cold and snowed piled everywhere, just like most of the country right now.
Looking forward to the weather warm up this coming weekend.


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Emorems0,Nice to see some new people posting to the CF and to WFD. I've never poured chili over cornbread before. What a great idea.

Jasdip, both yours and FOAS's meatballs look delicious.

Sleevendog, I've been making more soups too. Been colder than normal here on the west coast. Soup just seems right.

A few of our recent meals.

Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks.

Steak for two

Shared a grilled porterhouse steak.

Roast Chicken Breasts with a green peppercorn sauce.

Slow Roasted Prime Rib Bones with individual potato gratins.

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An ongoing quest for orange flower water lead to a trip to Lewiston Maine's Somali neighborhood. In addition to the orange flower water I picked up masarepa. So here are my first ever Arepas with tomato/ginger chutney, beluga lentils and broccoli. The pan needs quite a scrubbing but they tasted good.

Now I need to remake tortas de aceite and orgeat with the orange flower water and see if I can taste the difference. And make something with tamarind paste.....

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I like making a special dinner for Valentines. Since we went to a birthday party Friday nite, and we both worked yesterday 10-6pm, tonite was our dinner.

I cheat, making osso bucco. I don't buy veal shanks. Don't slam me, I just use a regular roast beef, cut in quarters and tied with twine. The rest of the recipe is osso bucco....white wine, broth, seasonings, a mirepoix, etc etc.

We had that tonite with creamy mashed potatoes and sauteed broccoli and red wine. Delicous! Chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.

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I rarely post in the cooking forums; after seeing all these great dishes, I usually end up visiting the kitchen and/or spending the next four hours digging around online for the recipes. :-) So many of you sure know how to showcase food in your photographs for maximum mouthwatering!

mustangs, are you aware that Carrabba's has a cookbook available? Their Chicken Bryan recipe is one of those included. Copycat recipes are usually very good, but not quite like the original. We only get to eat at Carrabba's when we travel--they won't expand into California. I never have made it past their simple grilled chicken to try the Bryan.

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Someone needs to film ann_t preparing meats. I envy her family and friends.

agmss, i recently made arepas for the first time. So good. I like the tomato/ginger idea. I just made a fresh sauce that needs a punch. I'm going to add some ginger.

After the last pizza thread i could not get Tarry Lodge out of my dreams...
We could have taken a drive but the weather has not been good. My market has been teasing us with fresh clams but they keep running out. Finally had a new shipment just as we were passing by, after deciding and purchasing smoked salmon, the big bag was dumped in front of me. (i adore Fairway). Picked my own, small ones, perfect for pizza.
DH made Forkish dough the night before. I did struggle with it. It seemed to have a memory and difficult to stretch but eventually behaved. Great flavor.
I don't have my new ovens in yet so breads have been tricky. I still get good heat but no broiler.
It was beautiful. Not soggy. Pizza stone placed upper top third. Gave the dough 4-5 min pre-bake, then just a few tbsp of a rich spicy sauce, diced cubed bacon from NovaScotia, three cheeses but not alot of it, fresh sliced leeks, shallots, and garlic.
Following TarryLodge, clams hinge down, they open and release their juice just as the pizza is done.
(many here thought the whole idea of clam pizza is gross, haha) So don't look.
It was amazing.

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What's for dinner at our house has been plain old comfort foods, which our bodies wanted to counteract the sub-freezing temps and never-ending snow and ice removal.

Emorems0's beautiful photos compelled me to make macaroni and cheese (with tomato pudding).

Classic chuck pot roast:

Ham loaf:

I was finally able to get to the fish market and was thrilled to find rockfish, one of our favorite varieties. I baked it with some Sunburst tangerine juice and served with onion-mushroom risotto.

I posted this pic elsewhere on the CF and it was breakfast, not dinner, but I recently rediscovered Fluffy Eggs in an old cookbook and made them.

Keep on cooking. Soon it will be time for rhubarb, asparagus and watercress.

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Ruthanna, I know it'll be time for asparagus and rhubarb in a few months but it seems a long time away. It's 9 below zero right now, 30 MPH winds, snow projected all weekend. Winter just won't let go and even I was cold this morning, filling water tanks. I think my rhubarb is currently under about 10 feet of snow, the bank of snow actually got pushed back that far and we're still running out of room to put snow in the driveway at the farm.

Sleevendog, I like clams, but do you have to pick each individual clam off and eat it, or do you take them out of the shells and put them back on the pizza crust.

Jasdip, I refuse to eat veal, never buy it, so I make osso bucco with beef shanks too. If anyone has a problem with it, they'll have to slam me too.

Gyr Falcon, welcome to the Cooking Forum!

OK, so what's for dinner? Well, the Grandkids made sundaes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles and some granola.

Whaddaya mean, that's not dinner? Oh, you meant DINNER.....

Ah. In that case, I made some fish with a pistachio crust, served it with a sweet/hot chili sauce, some roasted asparagus and a multigrain mixture with some dried cranberries and wild rice.

I made some chicken picatta with Meyer lemons mailed to me by Beachlily, and served it with mashed potatoes and collard greens.

A loaf of bread from the dough that had been in my refrigerator since Makayla made it for pizza crust, I think maybe 5 days?

A slice of that bread, along with pork roast, Brussels sprouts and lentil stew:

I made Sol's zucchini pancakes, which made a great stand-in for injera bread with some of the leftover lentil stew another day:

Some lemon scones for breakfast with more of Beachlily's Meyer lemons.

Mother came over on Saturday and I made something I haven't made in at least 20 years, custard pie:

Nope, I'm definitely not starving....


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Annie, your fish dinner looks so good. I haven't made a custard pie for ages and yours looks delicious.

I made stuffed round steak rolls one night and had them with barley and baby bow tie noodles and vegetables.

The Monster Chicken thread reminded me that I hadn't roasted a capon for since last year. So I sent DH up to the one market that carries fresh ones all year 'round and he did bring home a nice juicy 7 pounder. I roasted the breast and thighs and made broth out of the legs, wings, back and bones.

Chicken heart gravy, stuffing balls and fig-glazed butternut squash rounds.

We're expecting another 8 to 12 inches of snow on Sunday through Monday so using some of the broth to make chicken,leek and rice soup and a big pot of chili today.

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Ruthanna, I don't know why I never think of custard pie.

I had to smile at the chicken heart gravy, Grandma always made gravy from the giblets, then when my girls were young they would fight over the heart and gizzard. Now neither of them will touch them, LOL, they never seem to notice that I chop them finely and put them in the gravy. Fine, it's just more for the gravy.


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I was thinking of SharonCB today, and so decided to make her salmon quiche. Having no walnuts, it got a regular crust, the other half of the batch made for the custard pie.

It was served with a side of roasted parsnips, which I love, and some white half runner beans that we canned clear back in 2008, they definitely needed to be used.

I was impressed, they'd held well and hadn't lost noticeable quality after those several years.

When Makayla was here for their snowday last week, we made a corned beef brisket, simmered in some hard cider and a jar of Chase's chile sauce. It wasn't quite done while we were taking pictures, but it turned out quite well.

WE had a lemon bar for dessert, compliments of Makayla:

And Bud made the "smoothest hummus in the history of people", we had that as lunch today!

OK, so it's what's for lunch, but it's close.


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ooooo, ya! so many things look so good to me! too many to name them all, but I will pass on the clam pizza, thanks just the same. ;^)

It's been cold and miserable here FOREVER and I have been cooking and baking a lot. I've even snapped some pics with my ipad. :) This was my GF version of a raspberry-almond coffee cake recipe from allrecipes. Of course I had to taste it before taking the photo. It was gooooood -- but I probably more than doubled the raspberries and almonds. lol!

Comfort foods are what I want in this kind of weather. Made a kale & bean soup the other night with hot turkey sausage. It was a real keeper!

Tonight we're having shrimp (BF is cooking) and I made an apple crisp for dessert. :)

This post was edited by party_music50 on Mon, Mar 3, 14 at 18:21

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Oh, that clam pizza is genius! Sounds delicious... I imagine that you de-shell the clams before serving. I have my sourdough starter out of the fridge again, one of these days I'll remember to feed it at the proper timing to make some more bread... I really want to try ann_t's method/recipe. Dh has not been impressed with my sandwich bread lately, looking to change it up a little.

Winter is back, although we were fortunate to miss much of this round of snow. But the cold outside still required some comfort food. Roasted a gorgeous bone-in ham from the local farm but didn't get a picture of it. Used the ham bone yesterday to make some ham and potato soup... One of my favorite parts of making ham is the ham and potato soup the next day! Apparently it is my 5yo's favorite part too, she ate two bowls for dinner last night, asked for a bowl for breakfast this morning (yes! ham and potato soup for breakfast, lol), and another bowl for snack after school!

Tonight was baked ziti, easily my favorite Italian comfort food. DH loves my lasagna, but my heart (and stomach) belongs to baked ziti. I should really take a picture of what's left in the casserole dish, but then I'd probably end up eating more and end up with a stomach ache!

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Annie and Ruthanne, you both mentioned hearts and gizzards in your chicken gravy. I don't use them, yet they would impart flavour when browned in the drippings; because I'm not sure which ones they are! I know you're not supposed to eat the liver, so I throw the packet out, so that I don't eat the liver by mistake :)

Party, your pics are terrific!! I use kale, chopped very finely in some dishes.

emorems0 your ham and potato soup looks delicious! I love having a big ol' boiled ham with potatoes and green beans, and save the stock for ham, potato and leek soup.

Tonite I tried a new marinade. A Jerk marinade which I used for my pork tenderloin. Orange juice, vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce, olive oil, cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, garlic, minced onion, and hot sauce in place of the jalapeno that I didn't have. I'm just going off the top of my head, but that's the general gist of the ingredients.

It was incredibly tender and flavourful and one that I'll be making again! Rice and peas (yes I'm stating the obvious, aren't I?) with some Asian hot chili sauce for heat.

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Party Music, the coffee cake looks delicious, but I especially like that pink plate it's on!

emorems0, that soup looks perfect for the weather we're having here. I like a bowl of soup with just a slice of bread sometimes, and I really like the creamy soups. Elery doesn't as much, so I seldom make them anymore.

Jasdip, how hot is that jerk mixture? As for the giblets, the liver is edible too, my favorite liver is chicken liver, but if you put it into a pot of soup or some gravy, it'll definitely give it a liver flavor. The heart and gizzard look different, they are solid "meaty" kind of pieces, but the liver looks just like, well, liver.


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Annie the jerk mixture isn't hot at all. The only thing that gives it heat is the jalapeno/hot sauce. So you can adjust it to your own liking.

Would you like the complete recipe? It's fantastic :)
The pork tenderloin was the most tender one I've ever had, because of the marinade.

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jasdip, your jerk pork w/ rice and peas looks fantastic!!! I haven't had/made jerk in such a long time -- great idea!

Annie, I LOVE those dessert plates. They make everything look good. :)

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So many great looking dinners.
I'd like Ruthanna's roast chicken dinner and Annie's Custard Pie for dessert. That would be a perfect dinner.

Party Music, your raspberry coffee cake would be my idea of the perfect breakfast.

Jasdip, Love jerk. Reminds me that I haven't made jerk in a long time. I like pork or chicken. But usually do it on the grill.

A catch up post. A few of our meals since I posted last.

More sourdough bread. Bought a new lame to score the loaves.




Homemade Wontons

in a spicy Chili broth.

Roasted a turkey breast.

Leftover turkey breast - Hot Turkey Sandwiches with homemade fries.

A curry dinner.

Curried Chicken, Aloo Gobi, and a pilaf.

With homemade chapati.

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Daughter has decided she now likes fish (and mushrooms). This came about as a result of her mania for sushi. If raw is good, then why not cooked? So she asked for a fish meal to test out her new taste buds.

For lunch we had sole, tuna, salmon and trout. I bought a small amount of each and we had a tasting.

The sole was two tiny fillets, cooked in cream and butter, on a bed of carmelized onions. Not bad, quoth she, but next time we'll use leeks for a more delicate taste.

The tuna was a small steak, marinated in Yoshida sauce (a commercial tangy-sweet Japanese sauce, that saves the day when I don't have time to mix up a sauce), rolled in sesame seeds, briefly seared on all sides, sliced and served with more sauce. Yummy, and she pointed out this is basically raw tuna with a sweet sauce.

The salmon was a tiny piece, salted then deep fried for 30 seconds. The trimmings were mixed with Sirachi hot sauce and mayo for a quickie spicy salmon, the skin was fried and sliced, then all this was stacked. Also received daughter's approval. These flavors are similar to the sushi tastes she already likes.

The trout was stuffed with a purée of apples, cinnamon and sugar, and tied up with butcher's string. The outside was dusted with flour laced with cinnamon and sugar, and the fish was baked then topped with applesauce. This was not that successful, it needed salt and - she insists - deboning!

We also had mashed rutabaga, chosen as a low-calorie side. (I'm dieting again.)

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Ann, are you sure those aren't manufactured wontons? (grin)
They're all perfect.

Today was a busy day in the kitchen. Made bread, a lemon bundt cake, avocado dressing to use up some very ripe avocados. I put some whole onions, olive oil and butter in my slow cooker all day (a recipe I saw) to make caramelized onions. They've been on 12 hours, but not done yet, and not caramelized. Hmmmmm. I'll have to look thru the search here to see if anyone has a good recipe for slow cooked caramelized onions.

Dinner was chipotle ribs, baked potatoes and asparagus coated with bread crumbs and parmesan and baked.
That white thing in the middle is one of the onions. It was the most cooked one.

edited to put the "grin" behind my comment. The brackets with the g didn't who up in my original post.

This post was edited by jasdip on Sun, Mar 9, 14 at 19:37

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jasdip, I caramelize onions in the crockpot but it always takes 18-24 hours before they start getting browner instead of simply being steamed.


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Snow-tisserie. That was fun. Leg of lamb and chicken thighs tied on both ends to use the heat and fire wood effort. I even have a bit of a sunburn being out all day tending. (with sunscreen).
Still lots of snow even with warmer temps. Slow melt but skylights are finally clear.

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The pizza idea is from TarryLodge. In Italy, on of my favorite meals was Spaghetti al Vongole Bianco. Always served in the shell.
We did eat a few from the shell right away, then sliced the pizza, and scooped them onto slices. Using similar ingredients that would be used in a chowder like leeks and using the pizza base as a 'plate', did give similar flavors. Next time i want to use at least 2 doz clams.
Just a nice way to steam and serve them. Like a reverse chowder.
Not a pizza i would ever order out because of other choices i usually prefer, and i want the clams to be as fresh as possible and not shucked or steamed and sitting around.

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Annie, next time I'll slice the onions and then caramelize them. This particular recipe was on Allrecipes, and it said to cook them whole. Too much butter and olive oil, as well, I believe.

But I turned them into French onion soup last nite and it was wonderful. I'll do the caramelization ahead of time again the next time we have French onion soup.

A few weeks ago an online friend at the Kitchen Table forum sent me 6 cans of RoTel tomatoes. I had expressed disappointment that we can't buy them in Canada. The poor girl, it cost her a fortune to sent them here.

Tonite's dinner was leftover chipotle ribs from last nite, and cooked brown rice, with sauteed onions carrots, celery, garlic, black beans that I cooked then froze, frozen corn, and a can of RoTel. I automatically threw in some crushed red pepper flakes while sauteeing the veggies out of habit. So the dish packed some heat. I had a sliced avocado on top to temper it. The whole meal was delicious!

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OK, time to catch up.

Sleevendog, your oven makes me envious. Elery wants to build one at the farm, and I'm definitely in favor of that. Have you made bread in yours?

jasdip, I love frenh onion soup, but I also love ribs. A pig only has so many, or I'd eat them more often, but they are an expensive cut, as pork goes.

Ann T, everything looks delicious, as usual, but your wontons made Elery hungry. I'd rather have had the turkey sandwich, of course, but I made do with cheese tortellini and asparagus. Elery was happy, he loves pasta in all forms:

I made him a salad, but I passed on the bowl of lettuce, I just can't learn to like the stuff.

John's talk of fish made me hungry for some, so I pan sautéed some flounder and served it with a baked sweet potato, homemade whole wheat/molasses bread and a side of braised cabbage:

I've been trying to use some older stuff from my freezer, like a package of sweet cherries from 2010, so I made a sauce with some cherries and horseradish and served it with pork cutlets and parsley potatoes. It wasn't pretty, but it was good.

I tried a new recipe for lentils, called Honey Lentils. I wish I hadn't bothered, I was very skeptical when I read the ingredients which included honey, soy sauce, ginger, dried mustard. Sure enough, it was sweet, but not savory and not spicy, just too sweet.

I had some toast spread with avocado instead:

Tonight I made chicken burritos and topped them with shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, avocado and some of my homemade salsa and fresh yogurt.

They were good, I'm glad we have enough for leftovers.


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What's for dinner at our house hasn't been anything special because I'm in the midst of the final push to finish a hard cover revised edition of our family cookbook for our girls. This time, I added plastic sheet protectors, which made them so fat that they'll that each get two notebooks full of recipes with the story of each dish (plus a Zip drive containing them all). It's been a very nostalgic project.

Best meal of the week was veal stew. It wasn't until I was uploading the photo that I realized I forgot to add the peas. Guess we were so busy savoring the broth that we didn't notice.

It was my turn to cook for shut-ins for church: meat loaf with mushroom gravy, potato casserole, baby limas and pepper cabbage. I made enough for DH and I to have some too.

Thanks to Jasdip for the idea of rice and peas, which we had last night with baked striped bass and a bean salad.

Ann, your wontons are beautiful and look even more appetizing in the broth.

Annie, wish I had some of your molasses bread for my breakfast this morning.

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All the wonderful dishes!

Ruthanna, I say your dishes are better than many restaurants I have been to. The family cookbook is a nice idea. Maybe you can get it published.

Annie ��" As usual, I am amazed by the healthy, delicious and variety of food you feed your family with.

Sleevendog ��" I am very envious of your brick oven with a rotisserie.

Jasdip ��" Wow! A superb combination of chipotle ribs.

Ann_t ��" “Restaurant ready” is what I would call all your dishes.

emorems0 ��" With the kind of weather we have been having, I can really use a bowl of your ham and potato soup. And welcome to the Cooking Forum.

Partymusic - kale & bean soup is one of my favorite, but I have not tried it with turkey sausage. Thanks for the idea.

Agmss ��" Very interesting tortas de aceite and orgeat with orange flower water. I am having a ton of orange flower on my citrus tree now. Going to find out how to make orange flower water.

Shirl36 - Yummy pizza, it needs beer, not Pepsi. LOL!

FOAS ��" Wonderful meatballs. I have been making meatballs also. My instant meatball recipe: ground turkey mixed with stove stuffing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
So, I have been cleaning up the freezer.

A few odds and ends from the freezer and leftovers.


A chunk of leftover sous vide beef tenderloin, quinoa and asparagus.

Tofu with leftover ground turkey in pesto sauce.

leftover roasted chicken

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Ruthanna, your dinners always look so good. I like how you serve your meatloaf. Wish I was having that for dinner.

And how special for your girls to have your collection.

Sleevendog, love that you don't let winter weather stop you from using your wood oven.

I know that I wouldn't like clams on my pizza, but boy what a great photo. And that crust looks perfect.

Annie, now I have a craving for Mexican.

DC, your leftover chicken doesn't look like leftovers. Everything on your plate is perfectly aligned.

Another catch-up post.

Roast Chicken breasts with a side of pasta.

Grilled Pork Chops

Another Pizza.

Greek Ribs

And Vittorio's Salad.

Sterling Silver Top Sirloin roast.

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Ruthanna, I love your meatloaf with mushroom gravy.
I too use page protectors for all my recipes in my "keeper" binder. It's a big D-ring binder that's splitting at the seams. They do make it bulky, but I love the protectors.

Ann, your meals are just wow. I'm always at a loss for words when I see your photos.

Dcarch, I really like your "leftover" roast chicken meal. For being leftover, it looks like you just carved it from the bird. What's the green veggie.....endive, cabbage, I'm trying to figure it out. Whatever it is it looks delicious.

For the first time I turned one of my loaves of bread into hamburger buns. We feel like hamburgers, but have no buns. A duh moment, why not make my own? We love my bread so the buns should be worthy of holding a patty.

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Ruthanna, that's such a nice idea. Makayla and I are working n a cookbook for her, now I'm thinking we ought to make copies for each of the grandkids instead of just her.

Madi likes to cook too, I'm sure she'll want a cookbook at some point.

jasdip, those buns look perfect. Even Elery, who professes to not like burgers, happily eats one on a homemade bun. Your family is going to be so spoiled.

Ann T, that sirloin looks so good. I just had dinner and I still wish I had some of that!

Dcarch, it looks like your freezer may be something like mine. (grin)
I love asparagus, so I think it goes with everything, but those tiny beet leaves would have never made it into the picture, I'd have eaten those first!

Tonight it was leftovers, so you have a picture of every single thing we ate tonight. I do have a roaster full of chicken stock simmering, it'll be finished late tonight, it's been going since 9 am. I'll strain it and put it in my garage overnight, then skim off the fat and can it tomorrow. Since it's supposed to be -1 tonight, it'll be plenty cool out there!

I'm optimistic, though, today I planted ghost pepper seeds. I'm waiting a couple of weeks for the tomatoes and eggplant, though, I never can plant before the end of May outdoors.


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Thank you Ann! The leftover roasted chicken was sous vided again, so it was not overcooked. BTW, magnificent Sterling Silver Top Sirloin roast.

Jasdip, thanks. Those are bok choy bottoms. I typically cook the top and the bottom separate because they need different cooking time. BTW, I don't like hamburgers because I don't like buns, but those buns will make me crave hamburgers.

Thanks, Annie. Those beet leaves are home grown in my sunroom in a pot. I just pick them when I need them. BTW, they do make chef's hats and uniforms for small kids. It would be fun the next time you have a big event to have all the kids in chef's uniforms. :-)


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Grrr, should have gone with my gut, Dcarch. My very first thought was bok choy!!
Thanks for your comment on the buns......they are good!

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I roasted some carrots and the parsnips that we got from the Mennonite farmer the other day. I also added asparagus.

Enough boiled potatoes to fry up some for another time.

One of our favourite ways for boneless breasts is to dip them in a mixture of melted butter, worcestershire, garlic and dijon, then rolled in breadcrumbs and parmesan and baked.

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I also baked an apple pie today.

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Jasdip, that is one tasty-looking apple pie. I think I'll have to make baked chicken breasts this week.

I'd love to have some of your sirloin roast, Ann.

Dcarch, I hope you rescued that piece of beef floating on a raft in a beeetshark-infested ocean before to much sunburn occurred. I love old made in the USA "diner dishes" and all the ones pictured came from $1 or $2 estate auction box lots that DH dragged home. I imagine they are happy to be back in service again.

I don't like corned beef enough to be tempted by its value prices this week but did partake of the $.19/lb. cabbage.

Beef, cabbage and sauerkraut soup/stew:

Baked ham with fried cabbage, potato filling, and honey-kissed carrots.

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We had a 'taste of modern Ireland' all day sunday. Brisket was amazing. Sweet and sour cabbage, Pease Pudding, (lentils) cooked in ham hocks, Figgy Duff, (bread pudding)...
And roasted some beef cubes and made a Guiness stew while i was 'cookin'... prepped for tonight as a type of shepards pie with a topping of mash.
The rest of the week will be veggie soups and chowders and salads and fresh pickles.
(gotta balance the overload of meat and starch!)

End of last week we had some easy meals of Charcuterie. Fruits and cheeses and other delights...smoked salmon and two salami...ghost pepper and the other smoked cacao. Irish blue, duck liver mouse pate. Arugula and micro green salad.

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I've had the urge for bangers and mash, so we had sausages and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage. It was so good!

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Great looking buns and pie Jasdip. And thanks to you I bought some English Bangers and we will have bangers and mash for dinner this week.

Sleevendog, the perfect meal. Especially with your homemade bread.

Ruthanna, I love your ham dinners.

First halibut of the season.

Served on a bed of zucchini.

Grilled Veggies

Grilled a porterhouse steak. Moe got the strip and the tenderloin was mine.

Stracciatella soup with homemade cappelletti.

More sourdough bread.

I made Potato Leek Soup to take for lunch. But Moe had his with toasted sourdough for breakfast.

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sleevendog, ghost pepper salami? Now you're talking Elery's language, I'd be afraid to even sample it!

Jasdip, I'd love that dinner, there's not a single thing on that plate that I'd pass up.

Ruthanna, I like the idea of grating the carrots, and is that cranberry relish with the ham? I'd like that....

Ann T, you know that halibut is my favorite fish, that looks delicious. I might pass it up for the potato soup, though. You reminded me that I haven't made potato soup in a long time. I also had to smile, your potatoes look just like my potatoes did tonight! For the first time ever, my food looks like yours. Kind of. (grin)

Here, well, I found a deal on apples. A real deal. One thousand pounds for $20.00. Yeah, LOL, that's not a typo. Actually, they have been in cold storage all winter and are meant for deer bait and livestock feed, all sizes and varieties, and some were soft from being frozen. $20 and a truck, and they loaded a 1,000 pound crate of apples in the pick-up, with the instructions that I could just keep the crate. (grin) I picked out a couple of bushels of the nicest ones and the rest will be fed to the cows and horses. Cheap animal feed for 2 cents a pound, and it makes for some happy cows, LOL.

So, I canned applesauce and made a crockpot full of apples and cranberries to go with pork loin.

We had fried apples for breakfast, with farm eggs and sausage patties. Elery made the biscuits.

Last night we had bean tostadas with homemade yogurt and avocado:

Elery made some cabbage rolls. This picture is a "leftover" dinner of home canned kale, fish bites made from hake and the cabbage rolls. Yeah, a strange combination, but it cleaned out the fridge....

I baked a loaf of James Beards' Buttermilk Bread, which was supposed to make a 9 inch loaf. Yeah, it did, with some left over to rise far over the edges of the pan, but it was good:

Now I have an apple slab cooling on the stove and I made some oatmeal apple cookies. I'm leaning toward making a double batch of apple/walnut/maple scones and freezing them unbaked so I can have them when I'm rushed, which seems to be a lot of the time any more. We'll see if that really happens.


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St. Patrick's day was certainly celebrated in style. The Guiness stew sounds great.

Ann, you could make a cookbook with only halibut recipes. I like to see all the different ways you prepare it.

Annie, that's cranberry-apple relish. We always have some type of fruit and/or vegetable relishes like pepper cabbage in the fridge as an extra side dish. I imagine we'll be seeing lots of apples for dinner in the near future.

We had an excellent Lenten fish dinner at a local church on a Friday night. Nowadays, most of the fish dinners have a choice of baked or fried fish.

I made short ribs baked in my bean pot in a sauce featuring star anise and served with baby bok chop and brown rice with grilled shiitake mushrooms and red peppers.

I made a prune cake for teatime treats so instead of the chicken Marbella I'd planned on making, we ended up with a simpler baked sherried chicken dinner.

We are still having our 8 P.M. tea and treat time, although I forget to mention it. One night last week, it was lemon pound cake and one of my favorite teas - Kusmi's Russian Morning #24.

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Yum all this food talk is making me hungry. We are having BBQ bacon meatloaf. Just threw it together as we have never had it. Hope it is good.

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I'd love your grilled veggies. I can picture a bunch of that on a cabiatta or other sandwich.

Annie you find the best deals!! I'd love the price and be hard-pressed to pass up those apples, then I'd be in a panic wondering what to do with them all! My little worm-workers wouldn't be able to eat them fast enough. Lucky for you to have the pigs and cattle. Cheap feed for them to be sure!

Even though James Beard was obviously wrong, your bread looks great! And does Elery ever know how to make biscuits. Wow.

Ruthanna, your short ribs look perfect.

Tried a new recipe this evening, we should start a New Recipe thread again.
Pioneer Woman makes roasted brussels sprouts with a balsamic reduction, and some dried cranberries tossed in just before serving.

Brussels sprouts were on sale for the first time this year, and we love them, and boy is this recipe a keeper! Pork chops (hubby wanted his plain with spices and I breaded mine) with boiled Yukon Golds. We found out from our Mennonite farmer that because of high temperatures last summer, when we finally got the rain the potatoes grew so fast that there's a hole in the middle. Yup some of the potatoes are brown in the middle with a hole.
Yukons are our favourite.

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I just pigged out and all these great-looking food photos are still making me hungry!

I've been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately but tonight made my absolute favorite meal: sauerbraten w/ noodles, german potato salad, red cabbage, and homemade pumpernickel. No beautiful photo... just a quick pic:

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I haven't been doing much cooking, but finally had some time this Sunday afternoon to play around and make something to share.

This is roast sweet potato, roast pears w/ agave syrup, candied walnuts, feta cheese, on baked chard. The drizzle is balsamic vinegar and sugar, reduced to thicken.

This is red and gold beets, carrots, onions, tossed together in a salad. Some of the veg was marinated in simple syrup, some was lightly vinegared.

This is a mushroom pasta. I didn't have any cream, so I pureed the mushroom stems, cooked them in wine and butter, pureed it again, mixed with greek yoghurt and some of the starchy pasta water. Made a reasonable sauce.

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johnliu, your roasted sweet potato concoction is unlike anything I've seen before. It looks wonderful and sounds like the flavor combinations would work great for me. Did you use a specific recipe/base or totally wing it?

    Bookmark   March 31, 2014 at 8:48AM
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The sweet potato dish was vaguely inspired by a recipe in the "Jerusalem" cookbook. But I substituted a lot of stuff - pears for figs, etc - and made it simpler.

The process was:
Split sweet potato into long slivers (careful w/ the fingers!), toss in olive oil and kosher salt, roast at 425F.
Slice pears (I used Anjou), toss in agave syrup (but a simple syrup would work, or simply toss in sugar), roast (I did those in the toaster oven, easier to keep an eye on them)
Melt sugar in a pot, mix in walnut halves to coat, spread on a sheet pan then when hard, separate the walnuts (if you let it cool in the pot, you get a solid mass that is hard to work with). I put the candied walnut pieces under the broiler for a minute to get a little charring.
Cut chard into ribbons, toss with oil and salt, put in the oven and roast (not too long, just want them a little bit crisp, not burnt/dried)
Mix 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar to 1 TBSP sugar in a small pot, reduce over medium heat, stop when it is modestly thickened because it will thicken more as it cools.
Arrange with chard on the bottom, then sweet potato and pears, sprinkle with walnuts and some crumbly cheese - feta, goat, etc. Heat the balsamic reduction in microwave and use a spoon or squeeze bottle to drizzle it. A squeeze bottle will be a lot neater.
Coarse pepper if you like that. Should not need additional salt.
If you have dried fruit like dates, cranberries, etc, you can sliver those and sprinkle on - just adds to the salty vs sweet contrast.

    Bookmark   March 31, 2014 at 12:08PM
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Thanks, johnliu! It's going on my 'to try' list. :)

    Bookmark   March 31, 2014 at 4:22PM
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Basic burgers and fries, which tasted WONDERFUL. I made the buns Haikado Milk Bread style in Kaiser shape and DH grilled the burgers. Frozen fries, but there's only so much time in the day:)

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This is a bad picture of a dish that needs more practice, but I was trying to get something that looked interesting. I can work on the seasoning later.

Purple potato, cubed, simmered in milk, mixed with scrambled eggs. The idea was to get a colorful dish.

Next time, I'll just simmer the potato in salty water or stock. The milk created a scum that had to be laboriously rinsed off the potato, causing some of the cubes to get broken up. And I won't overcook the eggs. Some turmeric in the eggs would give them a deeper yellow color.

    Bookmark   April 2, 2014 at 1:40AM
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John, those are some very colorful creations. I think I would like the beets very much. It will be months until we get fresh beets around here.

Alex, good-looking burgers.

PartyMusic, I like the way you prepared your sprouts.

Petunia, how did your meatloaf turn out?

Finally had Chicken Marbella last week, although chicken tenders were on sale so I made it with boneless chicken chunks and adjusted the cooking time. Pasta was a new shape called trofie that we'd never had before.

The weather has warmed up enough that we were going to grill steak one night but a last-minute dinner guest appeared so it morphed into beef stroganoff.

We will be making 600 dozen from-scratch pierogies again this year for our church's summer festival and yesterday we made the first 100 dozen.

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I had an appointment on Wednesday near the shopping center with a Fresh Market. Their store-made stuffed chicken breasts looked tempting so I got two different ones for DH and I to share. Although I followed the baking directions, the zucchini filling on one wasn't cooked enoughand the mozzarella cheese in the one with portobellos leaked out all over the baking pan. The chicken itself was OK though.

Johnliu's beet photo made me purchase costly California yellow beets but we really enjoyed them, along with rainbow chard with chopped Kalamata olives added to it and a roasted potato.

More striped bass coming up for dinner tonight. I am also making an extra-large batch of sloppy joes because my tearoom friends and I are off tomorrow for a day at the Smithsonian and will leave it for spouses' dinners.

    Bookmark   April 4, 2014 at 9:58AM
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Wow, Ruthanna, that's a lot of pirogues. I remember that you do it every year, but it always amazes me, the sheer number of those things your group makes. I envy you the trip to the Smithsonian, it's somewhere I'd love to go back to. I got to spend 2 hours there, once, when we took a group of 5th graders to Washington DC for a day. It wasn't enough, but I've never made it back.

johnliu, the potatoes and eggs sound good to me, I grew those purple potatoes one year. I might do it again, the kids thought they were ever so interesting. The sweet potato dish sounds good too but it's the beets that call to me. I love beets.

Alex, sometimes a "simple" burger is just what we need. Since you made the buns, you can be excused for frozen fries, LOL.

Party music, you hit another of my favorites with your cabbage. I like it red, green, cooked, raw, in slaw. I should use it more, I don't know why I don't think of cabbage more often. Maybe because I make most of mine into sauerkraut?

Jasdip, I took a look at your dinner and promptly decided to have Brussels sprouts. (grin) We also had some vegetable paella left over from a few nights ago, a mix of mashed potatoes and celeriac, and BBQ'd chicken, with a homemade sauce using some Habanero Gold.

I made boneless pork chops with some pineapple salsa and baked sweet potatoes:

A batch of beef barley soup with mushrooms:

And the vegetable paella, a mix of snow peas, red peppers, onion, garlic, yellow squash, brown rice, turmeric and I forget what else. It was supposed to have asparagus but Elery's having to deal with a case of gout in his right foot, so no asparagus.

I had a small visitor too. Ashley had her gall bladder removed this week, finally. There have been a couple of years of health issues, hospital visits, specialists fighting with each other, while her primary doc kept saying she needed to have her gall bladder removed. The insurance company refused, of course, but finally relented and so now she feels pretty good, but I spent a day there being nurse and kept Madi with me. She happily ate whole wheat banana pancakes and yogurt for breakfast.

We had other suppers, I'm sure, but I don't remember them and don't have any pictures to remind me, LOL.


    Bookmark   April 4, 2014 at 9:34PM
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Oh Annie, Madi is a little doll! I don't know which of our daughters are keeping the hospital in business-- yours or mine. Whichever, I hope this ends it for Ashley! Most people feel remarkably better after having the gallbladder removed. I hiope all goes well!
Does Madi look like Ashley as a little girl? Her hair color is beautiful!

I cooked a couple of nights this week. DH requested the dijon/parm chicken breasts that Jasdip noted awhile back. I've been making them since the 90's and he missed them. Instead of using fresh ground bread crumbs, I subbed Ian's Panko. He approved and they smelled great!
Tonight we had guests-- luckily I had shopped and prepped last night. The fwy was horrendous on the drive home tonight and really cut into my extra time. I made a spinach salad (thanks Trader Joe's for the washed organic greens) with mushrooms, dried cranberries, spiced chopped pecans and Ice Wine vinaigrette== I picked up Ice Wine vinegar in Niagara on the Lake last summer. I also served roasted veggies-- cauliflower sprinkled with lemon and smoked paprika, yam, and Brussels sprouts. They accompanied Giada's Balsamic Salmon with sugar snap peas and a mixed rice dish. Dessert was homemade chocolate cherry sorbet and store bought vanilla gelato. It was nice to entertain again!

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I made some whole wheat buns and we had some for lunch with a slice of fried ham, egg, tomato and cheese.

I also made oatmeal-carrot muffins.

Annie's baked sweet potato prompted me to pop a couple in while the oven was on, and I did the same thing as I did last time I baked them. They dribbled out and onto the oven liner, and now I have burned caramel blobs.

I must remember that they don't take nearly as long to bake as regular potatoes......at least that's all I can think, when I keep over-baking them to the point that the insides leak out of the holes. Or maybe I don't need to prick them?

    Bookmark   April 5, 2014 at 1:35PM
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Madi : ) so cute!

Johnliu's pizza party had me craving a breakfast version.
I'm stuffed and still have half for lunch. The scent woke up the late sleepers...now well fed for yard chores.

Potato, smoked mozz, and onion topped with whole cracked eggs, (broken yolk intentional, : )
Arugula and spicy micro greens...

Potato and onion needs a mandolin to make sure they cook. Needs to be thin enough to read the paper through a slice. I usually caramelize the onions but they cooked fine sliced so thin. Tossed them in some rooster chili sauce and a bit of mustard while the oven heated...gave a nice meaty flavor even though it was a vegetarian pie. (DH thought it had prosciutto)

    Bookmark   April 6, 2014 at 11:56AM
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Annie, Madi sure looks like she's enjoying her breakfast.

Jasdip, from experience, I can tell you that they do need to be pricked, although they didn't make as much of a mess as the exploding eggplant. LOL. I only bake them about 2/3 of the time as similarly sized white potatoes.

Sleevendog, that is one beautiful breakfast pizza.

One of the butchers had bone-in pork sirloin roasts @ .89/pound so I baked this 4-pounder on a bed of sliced onions and oranges at 275 degrees for about 4 hours. The crust was a rub of minced garlic, powdered ginger and mustard, light brown sugar, and fennel seeds.

It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Sides were yellow rice and black beans with mango sauce.

I'm making fresh strawberry-streusel muffins tonight to take to day three of pierogi- making tomorrow. I did get to see Julia Child's kitchen at the Smithsonian on Saturday as part of the American History Museum's food exhibit. Many, many copper pots hanging on the wall...

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These may actually be lunch. :) Did a quick starter batch and color-test of easter eggs this morning... they're hard-boiled and decorated the Polish way. I'll do fancier ones as I have more time!

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Those eggs are beautiful party music! Will you share your process for decorating?

While I'm asking, can any one explain or show me how to pipe icing on to cupcakes so they resemble flower petals? I think Annie or Alexa May have posted pictures , they were gorgeous!


    Bookmark   April 10, 2014 at 7:19AM
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Thanks, Di. I do them the way my Polish grandmother taught me... I use the head of a straight-pin dipped into melted paraffin wax to "draw" each stroke of wax onto the egg. They have a great texture. I push the pin into the eraser on a pencil so that I can hold it like a writing tool. For coloring, I use regular liquid food dye. The dye won't 'take' wherever there is wax. :) Here are some I made this morning with multiple colors. Do you want more detail? I could post on the conversations side...

I just learned that they've come out with a new "drop-pull kistka"... a tool that's fancier to use than a straight-pin. LOL! I just ordered some this morning to try! :)

    Bookmark   April 10, 2014 at 12:58PM
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Yes please, more details. I want to try this for our great nieces and nephews!

    Bookmark   April 10, 2014 at 1:38PM
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diinohio, I found a website that explains the process with pictures!

Here is a link that might be useful: How to decorate easter eggs

    Bookmark   April 10, 2014 at 9:34PM
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Di, I made the cupcakes that look like roses (kind of). I found a You Tube demonstration but I'm still not great at it.

These were the cupcakes that I made for my stepdaughter's wedding:

I don't know if they were the ones you were thinking of, but if they were I just used a Wilton tip #1M, start at the middle of the cupcake and "circle" out from the center to the edges, if that makes sense.


    Bookmark   April 10, 2014 at 11:42PM
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Haven't checked in for quite a while, and I'm enjoying and craving your creations.
I love it all, including hammy Madison.


    Bookmark   April 11, 2014 at 12:56AM
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Thank you party music and Annie, exactly what I was asking for. I will post pictures if my attempts are worthy!

To keep on topic this was last Fridays dinner.



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Annie, I think your cupcakes look fantastic! what are they sprinkled with??? And thank you for posting which decorating tip you use -- I would never have guessed a star-tip! I keep hoping I'll get the perfect occasion to try making one of those rose bouquets.

I made some quick 'greens & beans' last night but tried using kale rather than my usual escarole. I like kale better! :p

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Thanks Annie, those cup cakes are so pretty. You guys rock!


    Bookmark   April 11, 2014 at 4:25PM
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Thanks, Di! They are actually pretty quick to do after you do a few, I call them the "5 second frosting job". (grin) Even if they aren't perfect, they're fast!

Party-music, I like kale with beans too. Well, I actually like beans and I like kale, so it's kind of a natural combo for me and kale is super easy to grow, so I always have some.

Those little "sprinkles" on top of the cupcakes are something called "pearls", she had a black and white wedding, and regular sprinkle were just too small, so I bought the bigger pearls at one of the hobby stores that have a cake decorating section, probably Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I think they were a Wilton product.

There's another tip you can use too, but I don't know what it is, because I don't remember anything any more. (sigh)

Sol, my friend, I'm so glad to see you check in here again. Yes, Madison is just as "hammy" as Makayla was, a drama queen in the making. Or is that Drama Princess?


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PartyMusic, your eggs are beautiful and it's great that you are preserving a family tradition.

Thank you, Jasdip, for a good dinner this week of the baked chicken you described on this thread. That would be a good dish to make for a crowd.

I took the pic another time when I made them but these were the strawberry almond streusel muffin I made four dozen of this week.

    Bookmark   April 12, 2014 at 10:12AM
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Ruthanna, your strawberry muffins remind me of the rhubarb ones that I make. I can't wait for rhubarb season!

Your rice with the chicken gave me the urge for rice.
I have the New Best Recipes cookbook by Cooks Illustrated from the library and they say that the best rice isn't the 2:1 ratio that is most often used. They recommend 1 1/2 cups rice to 2 1/2 cups water for nice fluffy, separate rice. I did it for dinner tonite and it was perfect.

Meatballs simmered in a soy sauce, ketchup, garlic, vinegar sauce, with sauteed cabbage, onions and carrots and basmati rice.

    Bookmark   April 12, 2014 at 5:45PM
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Popovers are a treat, and today was the day!
Baked in a muffin tin......

    Bookmark   April 13, 2014 at 10:44AM
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.....and one in all it's glory

    Bookmark   April 13, 2014 at 10:46AM
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For dinner we had pan-fried chicken breast, mashed white and sweet potatoes and sauteed green beans and onions with some balsamic drizzled at the end.

    Bookmark   April 13, 2014 at 6:48PM
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