What are you working on?

kudzukweenDecember 4, 2008

In spite of the snake Friday, I've been trying to get the Christmas decorations down from the attic. I had to get my nephew to come do it for me. Now I have big storage bins all around the house. I got as far as putting candles in candle holders as a temporary Advent Wreath. Because even though the Advent Wreath is what I was looking for, I haven't found it yet!

As far as crafting goes......I painted some long cinnamon sticks like snowmen and cut fingers out of gloves for little hats ( I read this on one of the posts here and copied the idea) I painted some pine cones white to look like snow for my grandchildren to make ornaments from. I found a box of 24 large gold bells Twin had given me about 5 years ago, big bells the size of ping pong balls, and I want to paint them to look like rust and do something with, but I don't know what yet. Maybe I should leave them gold and put them on the tree :D

I've been scanning old photographs and tinting them.

What is everyone else up to??

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Is sounds like you are as busy as I am!!! We got our tree up Tuesday night and the bottom 1/3 of the tree doesn't have any ornamnets. It hasn't had ornaments for the last 3 year because of the kids. Hopefully next year, it will!!

I have been making gifts. I wish I could post them all on my blog, but my family reads it. After Christmas I can share everything!

I have made sushi ornaments for hubby's sister, working on hooded towels for my cousin's kids and my girls, santa belt napkin rings for MIL, saw blade clock for my dad, princess bath mat for cousin's daughter, personalized ornament for my grandmother, and popcorn ornaments. This is all on top of picking up after 2 little ones and keeping up inventory for my last 2 craft shows. Oh, we cannot forget the 200 lbs of fudge I have already made!!

I still have 4 teacher gifts, something for my mom, hubby, FIL, sister, and BIL to make. Oh, and my stepmom needs a gift too!!

I am hoping to get a lot done this weekend while my girls are at grandma's house!!!

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Amberscu and Kuduz, I always think I have all this time left to do things.. and before you know it... Christmas is right around the corner.. which is now!!!!!!... I did dropped a craft show, as the lady in charge failed to tell me,we had to bring own tables.. and that made me mad so I told her to refund my fee.. LOL so now I have an ample supply of potato baker bags, and sachet lavender pillows for some of my gifts.. Whew.. so I do not have to rush around so much.. and now the girls at work want to buy the potato bags for their families.. soooo I may end up making more.. wow Women's work is never done and we love it..
hope you all get things made that you need, I have been doing my regular shopping on line.. so much easier than trying to go to the mall , etc..

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I'm trying to finish up some fairy houses for gifts. I think I'll make my deadline! Then my mom and I have fun sewing projects we're going to work on but they don't have to be done for Christmas.
I've also been trying to fit in some last minute garden chores before it gets too cold and wet to work in the yard.
I'm still trying to decide on how to make a microscope slide wind chime.

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My DGD herlped me put up the tree and grandpa gets to do the lights. After last week-end's show, I am trying to get enough stock to have tomorrow's show - I made 250 potato bags, 50 popcorn snowmen, 50 Christmas Weiner Washers, 25 more BS bags, and as much as I can do in the time left. Don't ask for directions as I don't have time to get back on the 'puter for the next week or so... I set up tonight and will go in early tomorrow to bring in whatever I can finish - I haven't been slacking, just not enough hours in the day to do it all...

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OK Grandma Bonnie you have piqued my curiosity. "Potato bags"? "BS bags"? I know what BS stands for around my house. And I just have to ask about the "Wiener Washers"? I can see that you're going to be busy but when you get a chance, please explain. Or post a photo.
I'm intrigued.

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Okay grandmabonnie, I know your nick does not mean you are an old old granny, you just have to much get up and go.. God Bless you girl... yea, now I too want to know what is a weiner washer and a BS bag.. you can let me know after the holidays. as I too would not have time to make any more stuff.... But I have to say, I am so happy that I have met all of your great crafters this year.. You all have such great Ideas.. I am going to make three more items for Christmas.. or maybe it is six.. the guardian angle ornament like Pattie made with all the neat stuff on top of the ornament.. for my sister's daughters who lost their wonderful mother several years ago.. but she is always in my heart and I know theirs too.. and one of the neice's children who just lost their wonderful grandmother. I just would like to find the brass type hangers that sit on the tables.. I think I will look at Hobby Lobby.. Grandmabonnie, I sure hope you get to rest soon.. you have been going non stop for a long time now.. glad you are making some money doing it.. you sure deserve it..

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I'm not Grandma Bonnie but, I can answer the questions.

1. A weiner washer is a bar of soap with about an 1" hole through the center. It is a gag gift for a man. :) I'll get a picture later b/c mine are all packed up for tomorrow's show.

2. A potato bag is a 100% cotton bag with quilt batting used to cook potatoes in the mircowave. The bags are supposed to make microwaved potatoes taste like baked in the oven. I have never tried, so I don't know. You can google for a better explaination than mine. Or, wait for Grandma Bonnie, she is the "potato bag queen!"

3. As for a BS bag, I have no idea!

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Like everyone else I am a busy little elf. I am putting the finishing touches on my secret santa gift for the garden junk forum so I can get it mailed tomorrow morning. I have craft shows for teh next three weekends so trying to get some things finished for those...need to finish painting faces on some penguin and snowman ornaments. I just finished a bunch of lighted Christmas bottles for the craft show this weekend. When I get the faces painted I need to finish soldering some stained glass angel ornaments and paint the details on those. Then I can start on the panel that Mom is geting for Christmas. Where did the year go? I always say I will have everything done by Thanksgiving but it seems like no matter what I have done I still have a ton to do...I didn't plan on craft shows this month but couldn't resist when a friend called to tell me about these last week...

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Thanks for the help... I finished setting up so I can just walk in tomorrow morning... I think I have a graphic of a BS Bag - I'll put it in the gallery... Show tomorrow is from 9 - 4. piece of cake. Then I get to kick back on Sunday!!! That is unless I have to make more for the following week - two shows then - Saturday and Sunday plus Friday Farmer's Market - last friday market this year until produce starts up again in May...

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I just finished painting a snowman on a big shutter my neighbor had given me a couple years ago. I'll post a pic so you can see him. Hope Photobucket will let you click on it for a bigger pic--sometimes it works and sometimes not lately. Majority of my decorations are up and the boxes stashed back in the shed, so today I shopped a bit. Actually more looking than shopping--don't know what I want to get everyone. ;o( Guess I'd better make some decisions soon! LOL Sure amazed that you ladies can keep up with things at home and do all your craft shows--glad you are having good sales this year too. Luvs

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