LOOKING for: Ricotta pie like Mike's Pastry in Boston!

alisonJune 12, 2005

A friend here in Columbus told me about Mike Pastry in Boston's north end, and the fabulous ricotta pie they make. Next time I went to visit a college buddy in Boston we went to check it out and now he's addicted.

But he doesn't get into town very often, and he's asked me for a recipe. I confess, I'm not very good at replicating dishes, so I'm turning to y'all.

Anyone here have a recipe that replicates Mike's? Or failing that, a good, creamy ricotta pie recipe you swear by?


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Alison, there are lots of different recipes for Ricotta Pie. Unfortunately I have never tried Mike's Pastry pie so I'm not sure exactly what it is like but I found a few recipes for you that sound good. I might even try one of these myself.


King Arthus Ricotta Pie Recipe

Claire's Corner Copia

Ricotta Pie (Italian Village Restaurant) Recipe Link

3lbs. Ricotta
1 pint light cream
1/2 c. flour
2 c. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract 9 eggs
1 tsp. lemon extract

Beat the eggs until thick. Add the sugar and beat well. Add the vanilla, lemon and cream and flour. Mix well. Grease a baking dish well and pour the cheese mixture in. Before putting in the oven, decorate with thin orange slices. Bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours.

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Alison, sorry, no help here, but Mike's is a "must" when we visit Boston. Their ricotta pie is a favorite of one of our niece's.

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Have you guys tried Mike's cannolis - to die for!

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Hey Paulines! I have!! My neighbor just got home from Boston and he had cannolis shipped here. OMG absolutely to die for. I've never in my life had a better cannolis. Ever.

I think they'll ship anywhere!

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Lookie here!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mike's Pasty in Boston

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Oh WOW! I don't dare bring 10 cannolis into this house, I'd wind up eating 9 of them!

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You are too generous, paulines.

I'd eat all 10!

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I will have to try Claire's recipe. I work with Claire's brother at my job. Paul (Claire's brother) brings in some wonderful goodies around holiday time. I remember Paul saying she had a cookbook but I didn't realize she went national with it!

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I can swear that Mike's makes the best cannoli...

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Ohhhh Mike's Pastry... I'd love any of their recipes. They have the best desserts, hands down. A trip to Boston wouldn't be the same. LIz

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I wonder if they'd part with their ricotta pie or cannoli recipes? Next time I'm in town, I'll stop by!

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Go to Modern Pastry on Hanover Street - much better than Mike's (my North End friends tell me that Mike's freezes their stuff - a big no no.....).

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Yes, Mike does freeze all of their stuff. What you think is frest pastries has been in the frezzer for 2 weeks already. They bake 24 hours a day 6 days a week. It's horrible!!!!!!

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That must be something new, as of a few years ago everything was freshly made. Yuck!!!

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Just my two cents but what you might try to do with any of the recipes is make your own ricotta cheese. My dad grew up in the North End and has gone on for years about his mother's ricotta cheesecake. No one got the recipe before she died and my aunts and mom have tried to duplicate for years. they finally decided the cheese just isn't the same anymore. I made my own cheese last winter and made a cake for him. He said its the closest anyone has ever come. The recipe I used is from Cooking Light and is online. It is really easier than you would expect. I won't buy the stuff in the store for anything anymore. I just have to keep from eating it all when its just made.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ricotta Cheese Recipe

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Frozen or not, I ate the whole pound of these...
Pine nut Macaroons....omigod.

Ok, mcdaisy....after the cheese recipe, how 'bout one for the cake you made?

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I'm new here but had to chime in too. The Modern's ricotta pie is simply the best. AT Easter you see all the little italian ladies lined up outside to get their pies. Nothing but tourists at Mike's.
Now I need some Modern Ricotta pie!

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I totally agree with you! Mike's (in the North End) is a tourist trap! I have tried their pastries on many occasions and have been disappointed every time! Modern's pastries are soooo much better than Mike's.
That said...what kind of ricotta pie is the original poster looking for? The wheat (grano) pie sold at Easter; the rice pie sold at Easter; or the plain one (with citron and candied orange peel) sold at Easter? I have recipes for all three - they are way better than Mike's - I know, because I've had Mike's pies. (I've been making ricotta pies and ricotta cheesecakes for well over 50+ yrs!) Or is the original poster looking for a ricotta cheesecake (which has no "pie crust", but can be made crustless or with a shortbread crust).
You can email me if you need to. :-)

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Hi, I am looking for a traditional ricotta pie recipe that uses the thicker "cookie" like crust. If anyone has a recipe please feel free to email me. You can not get any pastry here in NC, after 25 yrs in the south if I could present a ricotta pie for Mother's Day my Mom would love it. Thanks for any help.

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