Mantel Scarf

wnlbutterflyDecember 11, 2004

After reading some posts about the purses made out of table runners, I thought I would share what I made. Our first home and it has a stone fireplace. I have a friend that sells mantel scarfs (I wouldn't have known about them otherwise), but I am a little thrifty (cheap), and didn't want to pay $30. So while I was at the Dollar Tree, I found beautiful red silk table runners, the ones with the pointy ends with tassles. I bought four. I took 3 of them and cut the ends off (about 20" from the end), and sewed them across the side of one full table runner. So I have a scarf on my mantel that has 6 pointy end with tassles handing done in front, and same on the side. Took a little work to get it all to fit, but it did and was worth it. So my fancy mantel scarf cost me $4.00.

They also had some in tan (most of the house is in beige and tan) and I am going to make one for the rest of the year as well.

I also bought matching napkins to put on the end tables, and used my extra material that I had cut off to make a scarf (just basic rectangle) for coffee table.

While I was admiring my handiwork, I was thinking how it is so amazing that we can create such wonderful things for our homes, and the price doesn't matter. I would have had to pay $50 for this at a store no doubt. Laura

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How creative! I saw those runners yesterday but didn't buy them as I wasn't sure what I could make - now I know. I did buy the tapestry ones with poinsettias on so I could make totes.


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Is there any way of posting a picture so we can see it? It sounds very pretty!

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What a great idea! Along those same lines (being creative and saving $)... I bought a bed in a bag set for my bedroom at a very reasonable price but couldn't find a solid color valance to blend with the comforter. So I am going to take the printed top sheet and sew a simple valance (and maybe a tablecloth and pillow with the leftovers). Then use just a plain white top sheet with the printed fitted sheet on the bed.

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