LOOKING for: ice-cream w/o whipping cream or scmilk?

chery2June 24, 2007

Or maybe sherbet? Or ice-milk? I don't have an ice-cream maker anymore; the one I had was all but worthless. I know they make fat-free half-and-half. Could I use that instead of whipping cream? Anyone have a recipe? TIA, chery2

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Chery2, I have recently started making "ice cream" in my lil' oscar food chopper. Here's how:

Put in a large handful of frozen fruit--to almost fill the chopper container if using whole strawberries, for example, or at least half full if small berries or diced. Chop until it is the texture of very coarse cornmeal. I have to hold the machine FIRMLY while doing this, it tends to jump around. then add a small cup of cold nonfat vanilla yoghurt (I use sugar free, also). Resume blending until it is smooth, the longer you blend, the creamier it will be, but don't overdo it! It only takes a minute or two. It can be eaten right away (it will be soft) or you can stick it into the freezer for a few minutes.

This of course makes fruit flavored ice cream, although I have used a frozen banana and cocoa powder to make chocolate. It makes enough for two servings.

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What a great idea! It's frozen yogurt but with lots of good fruit in it. The yogurt would give it the body it needs without the fat. I think you could try fat-fee sour cream, too: that might be less tangy than the yogurt. Fat free sour cream, since it's made with skim milk, is thickened with something else, probably carageenan. Any fat-free half and half would also have a substitute thickener.Some thickeners hold up to freezing and some don't. There's a lot of difference between brands in how sour they are: you might have to try a few. I use half fat-free yogurt and half fat-free sour cream for many sauces.

I tried making ice milk with plain milk, and it didn't work out. Not enough body. I meant to repeat it using something thicker, but haven't yet. I've been thinking about fat-free evaporated milk; that would have more body to it. Let us know what you try and what works!

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