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posiehDecember 3, 2011

A few year ago I found this idea and used it to make some small gifts for neighbors when they came for Christmas goodies. Take a nice pretty pinecone, spray paint it silver, tie a pretty bow and a note to the top. The note says, "According to a fable told long long ago, in a land far away, if you find a silver pinecone you will have good fortune for many years and a day. Merry Chritmas." I use a nice long cone such as from a white pine or norway spruce.

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Cute idea. Maybe I'll spray a bunch of pinecones, then sneak out one night, and plant them on my neighbors front walks. Spread some neighborhood good cheer.

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I think my version of the legend involves pink pine cones, lol. Or maybe torquoise!

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They come out really pretty sprayed in silver. I made them a couple of years ago from pine cones in my yard...

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Nice, Shaun! I have seen them sprayed gold too, if it's a true gold they are very nice that color also.I would think some of the metallic browns would be nice too but you would probably have to put them on with a brush. I was thinking of"Renaissance Brown" Dazzling Metallics by DecoArt paints in the 2 oz. bottles from craft stores. I just happen to have bought that 1 recently but haven't tried it yet. I was thinking of a basket of deeper & natural pinecones maybe a couple with a bit of Twinkles crystal paint(Deco Art again) on some tips to give the look of sparkle & a beautiful bow on the handle!!(Project for next year)LOL Jan

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That's an adorable idea. I'll have to see what the trees have on offer this fall. Usually what I end up with is a banquet of acorns for the squirrels.

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