1' clear glass tiles

ladycraftDecember 6, 2011

Does anyone know where they are getting the little tiles they are using to make pendants and magnets? I just got the idea and don't think I can order them and get them made for Christmas. I tried Home Depot and Michaels.

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There's probably other places to buy them , but my friend makes magnets and pendants and she uses Microscope slides ! The glass is thin so when you sandwich 2 together with something between - it's still light enough to wear or use as magnets. I think she orders them online . That's pretty much all I know. I hope you get lots of replies !

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Thanks it gives me another dept. to look in.

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They sell them in cellophane bags at Michael's~i've seen them. They're hanging on pegs on the wall, at least that's where they were at the Michael's here. You might try Hobby Lobby too. ;o)

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A lady here makes pendants with resin, but they may be different from the ones your looking for. :)

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Our MIchaels is just a small store. I still have time to run to the bigger store about 40 miles away. I like to leave things to the last minute. Resin would probably work if I can't find what I was looking for it's an option.
There's still 2 weeks till Christmas!! Thanks

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