Seed pod flower

nmgirlDecember 18, 2008

Originally this was going to be a wreath but I got caught up in the flower effect and kept going until I used up all my seed pods. The seed pods are from trumpet vine and the center is a pine cone. I love making things from seed pods, bark, etc.

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Beautiful. I love nature made "stuff" also.


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It's beautiful, it would look great in my house!

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That is beautiful!! I love using things from nature.

Can you tell us how you did it? Are the seed pods glued into the pine cone openings...for lack of a better description. How big is the pine cone?

Thanks for is stunning!

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I had to get out my tape measure, I had no idea how large this is.
In diameter the whole thing is a bit shy of 24", the pine cone is 3". I know I used a 16" styrofoam disc as a base and hot glue as the adhesive.
I worked from the outer edge to the center using the largest pods as the outer ring and using the pine cone to fill the gap in the center. The pods are whole. Any trimming was just to remove any loose or ragged ends that wouldn't be secure bases for adhesive. I also cleaned them first by soaking them in the bathtub to remove any dirt or loose plant bits such as seeds. I let them dry thoroughly.
Before starting I did mark the center of the disc to help me keep the design centered. The first pods I attached were at 12,3,6,& 9, like on a clock face. I kept turning the whole thing as I worked so the pods would go on evenly, applying one layer at a time.
I'm very happy with how this turned out, I had no idea it would look so cool. I originally picked up the seed pods to use on fairy houses I make but the scale didn't work. So I had a grocery bag full of these things sitting around but couldn't bear to throw them back out into the garden. I dumped out the bag and started playing with the pods looking for inspiration. You see the final result.

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It is stunning! How long would you say it took you to do all that gluing?

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Just Beautiful! and what a very clever idea! now to find someone with a trumpet vine!

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I don't know exactly how long it took me. I do know I started after breakfast and was finished well before lunch. I had gathered and laid out everything the night before so it was ready to go the next morning.
It wasn't a quickie project but it wasn't time intensive either. At least not to me.......
Part of the pods came from my yard, the rest came from a trumpet vine in a nearby vacant lot. Now's a good time of year to be on the lookout for cool seed pods/heads. When I find some I make a note of where it is otherwise I'll forget. Then I get really frustrated knowing that I've seen them but can't remember where.
My niece gave me the pine cone. She collects them and sells them to me for a quarter apiece. It's pretty good money for a 5 yr. old. She has to count them all, figure the cost and make out a bill for me. She's quite the little entrepreneur.

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Hi, I hope you are still online. I came across your pod flower and I love it! I have a lot of these pods in my yard, after seeing your flower I made one :) Came out pretty good, could have used more pods. I used a pinecone like you did but also I put gum ball pods around the pinecone. Thank You so much for posting this. You are very tallented I'd like to see more of item that you have made.
I would like to make a cabin out of pinecones, but not sure how. Thank so much!!!! :)

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