The ornament for the party this year..... 3 pics...

FlamingO in ARDecember 9, 2008

Last year it was the faeries in the string balloons, remember? lol Of course you don't, I'm teasing.

Anyway, this year I decided to take it easy and do something simple. I made multi-colored Moravian Stars and hung a beaded dangle from the bottom. I sprayed the stars with clear glitter first, then attached the dangle. The stars are made from colored printer paper cut into 1/2" strips and finished, without the dangle, are about 2" tall. Not too tiny, not too big, just right.

The light has to be just right for them to look this gaudy! lol

This was last years, there were 24 of them and were a big hit at the party -

I hope they don't throw rocks at me this year! lol

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ooo... they're cute! the fairies in the string balloons are gorgeous as well! what cute ideas for a party :))))

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I remember the faeries in the string balls and I remember you working so hard to perfect the balls!

Those were beautiful and so are the stars! Great work!

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I wasn't around much last year, so I am glad you posted both this year!! Your party is going to be a great hit! I like the idea of beads on the bottom of the stars!

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Your orn's are great...How did you make the string orns...

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks, ladies! These were so fast and easy, I totally feel like a cheater!

The string things are made from crochet thread wound around a balloon, then dipped into fabric stiffener and then squeezed off, because it's thick. Then hang them overnight to dry and drip, then puncture the balloon and pull it out. Then I cut a hole in them and wrapped the cut edge with twill tape applied with hot glue, ow. Ow. OW! lolol Then I tied my little "Felt Wee Folk" faeries into them, one each. I needed a way to present the faeries that was fun and unusual and the string balloons were made possible by Jenni CA who kindly mailed me the stiffener and string. They took forever to make though, like 3 whole days, if not longer. lol They were about the size of a small spaghetti squash.

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Nice job on the ornies Flamey! So colorful and I'm sure they'll make your guests happy to receive one!!

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Where do you get the stiffner? You did a great job.

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The stars are so neat!! I love the glitter on them!

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I do remember! But what I forgot was...I wanted to make snowmen with my grandson with balloons and strings but I forgot all about it *blush*
Oh, and honey, wow, I made ONE of those stars just the other was my first one, and I made it from an old tape measure, and it wasn't quite long enough. But I had to keep going back looking at the photographs to even get it as far as I did. I asked my husband to look at it and tell me how to do it, and he looked but said "no"..........lolol
So hat's off to you, those are GREAT!

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Oh the fairies!!!!!!!!! I sure remember them. I have the one you sent me in my sewing room and she twirls in the breezes every day. I just love her.
When we cleaned out my MIL's house all those bottles of stiffener were headed for the trash and for some reason I got them out and brought them home. Boy am I glad I did. I never in a million years would have used that stuff. I was so glad you had a use for it.
This years ornaments are just as spectacular!! The colors are great!
Good job as usual!

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FlamingO in AR

As I recall, the stiffener was made by Aleene's, right, Jenni? I couldn't find it anywhere around here so Jenni helped me out. *hugging on my buddy's neck* I think you can find it online, though, the bottle is now white and pink, I think.

I've also read about people using liquid starch, but I didn't try it. The biggest thing is- be sure the stiffener is completely dry before you take the balloon out, or it will collapse. I had that happen a couple of times, so I stuck another balloon inside the mess and blew it back up and then wet it again and let it dry completely again, and salvaged it.

Kudzu- I nearly gave up during my first star, I just couldn't figure out the 3-D part of the star, but once I did I felt like such a doofus, lol. I guess I don't read instructions well, I do better with videos.

Thanks for looking and admiring, ladies!

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The stars are cute. I tried to make those before but I guess I don't have the patience for them. I think I managed to get one done and tossed the stuff aside. I love the fairie ornaments. those are really cute.

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of course I do remenber! and how very beautiful!
love your stars! what lucky friends you have.

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FlamingO in AR

Thank you so much! I LOVED making the faeries, I must admit. Loved everything about them, from accumulating all the "ingredients" as my DH would say, down to making those messy balloons. It will be hard to ever find anything to make again that I will enjoy half as much. They were just right up my crafting alley.

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