LOOKING for: Butter Pecan cake..

spyroMay 18, 2008

Long ago(about 30 years or so) I had a piece of cake at function that was the best and moistest cake I've ever had.

It was almost wet(kind of soaked through something like Tres Leche)

It had pecans in it and it was just called Butter Pecan cake. It was not frosted. Very buttery tasting too.

I have looked everywhere and can't find anything that looks like it may be the one.

I would love to find something even close, and try to make it.

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Read the reviews on this one. They all talk about how moist it is with the topping baked in. There's also a recipe from scratch. This one uses a cake mix which were even more popular years ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pecan Pie Cake

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Boy, it sure sounds like it could be very close with how they are describing it. I was drooling reading it.
I will be trying it for the holiday weekend, and post a review when I do.
Thank you!

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You're welcome. Hope it's the one.

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How did the cake turn out?

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Thanks again for this recipe!

I just made the cake tonight...finally!

Matter of fact it is still hot but I tasted it right away so I could post the results.
It isn't at all what I had years ago, but, it is oooey gooey delicious!
It is kind of wet(just what I like) and sticky, and butter pecany, if any of that makes sense. Like a pecan pie, but not.
I will be cutting it in small squares(very small) and freezing it so I can indulge once in awhile with my tea.
I don't ever want to know how many calories are in this. Ever!

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