So Simple Cinnamon Applesause Ornaments

edufrinDecember 6, 2009

I love these charming ornaments, they make a tree look so homey. And the smell is amazing! I blogged the recipe for them this morning, click on link to see how to make them.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Cutest Little House in Town

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THey keep for a long time too! I love making them.

I do mine in my KitchenAid mixer. It gives them a nice smooth texture when you let the mixer work the dough for a while.

I got a log cabin cookie cutter once with syrup. It makes the cutest little houses.

You can use a paint pen to paint accents on them or to make them into gift tags :)

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I still have some I made year ago so don't throw out old dated use by applesausce!!

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Iowagirl, I love the idea of using log cabin cutters, that sounds so cute! I wonder if you could put a tea light candle inside of one to make the aroma even stronger. That would be incredibly adorable too.

Does anyone out there have any ideas for how to fashion this so that the glue will withstand the slight heat from a tea light? Might it just work?

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Thanks for posting that! I was just looking for something like that to make. I really like the look of those stars. Nice color and texture. I bet it does make a cute log cabin, too. Glad to hear the comments that they last. I'm going to have to try these.

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I forgot to mention on my previous reply, they do indeed last a long time. Mine are five years old and they still smell great. My mom has some that I made in middle school (over 10 years ago!) and they still smell like cinnamon but nowhere near as strong.

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The recipe I use calls for 2 T of white glue added to the mixture. I use my gingerbread man cutter; after they have dried, I use puff-paint to squiggle on lines resembling rick-rack on the arms/legs and a heart on the tummy. My DDs thought they were kind of silly when they were younger, but my youngest DD (age 24) called me last week asking for the recipe. Inexpensive & probably gave her a little sense of home now that she's grown up and 1500 mi away. LOL. Happy holidays!

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Kim, I've never used glue in my recipe mostly because I use those same cookie cutters for actual cookies and glue just freaks me out. I know, totally irrational, but it still works without the glue. I wonder if the glue makes them more durable over the years?... I've had a a few of my stars lose a point but I still have a ton.

I made these cinnamon stars to remind me of home too! My mom's tree is covered in little cinnamon hearts. Funny how we grow up and move away but still want to be reminded of home.

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