RECIPE: a theory about freezing sweets...

chery2May 8, 2004

I wasted NO time copying all your short/yummy recipes for Eugene. Just wanted to share that my mom and I had a theory about freezing sweets, especially cookies and cakes: somehow, the freezing process makes them sweeter and moister. [Did I say "moister"? That would mean the superlative would be "moistest." I don't THINK so! :O)]It would make Eugene's project much easier if he could freeze ahead, yes? chery-va

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Yes, it would make it easier if he could freeze ahead. I don't think freezing makes anything sweeter & shouldn't make anything moister unless when thawing, condensation collects in the zip-lock.

My choice would be to freeze the cookie dough in logs unbaked & then bake when ready to go. Nothing beats freshly baked cookies. Most cakes can be frozen successfully depending on the icing if they're well-wrapped. Also, most cookie doughs will keep in the refrigerator for a while.

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When i make cookies i put them in the frezzer. I got that from my mom and when we wented a cookie we would just put it in the microwave and thraw it that way.

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