galen doll pattern

gardener1908December 1, 2009

I found a web site that had an elf pattern that I think I could use to make the elves , but the web class expired a long time ago, anyone happen to have the pattern? thanks.

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what exactly are you looking for? I have some elf patternsbut I'm not sure what you want.

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What I am trying to do,is make a few elves about 2,1/2 feet tall to climb up a candy cane ladder to my balcony outside. I am a pretty good seamtress and have been trying to do soft sculpterd faces and I am not getting the right "look". There is an elf on the internet called 'Galen"by Gail Kellison that would be perfect but the web class/pattern has expired. I could enlarge or altered anything you might have. I have been trying to do this project for 3 years now, made husband hurry up and make ladder and still no elves. LOL Any help very much appreciated.

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