Lights for Ball Jar Lamp

sameboatDecember 20, 2008

I received a ball jar lamp as a gift from a co-worker. It's absolutely beautiful with frosty glass and cardinals handpainted on it. But when I plugged it in after about 5 minutes it went "poofth" and one of the little christmas lights turned black and the plastic around the little bulb melted so I can't replace it. I took out the little row of lights and now would like to find more to put in there. Where do I find such a small run of white Christmas bulbs? There were only about 8 lights in the jar. It looks like I'd have to feed the lights in one by one through the little hole the cord comes out of.

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what a beautiful light! so sad that the lights burnrd out, havent seen the 8 count lights, most have 20 , have to wonder why they burt so quick? maybe because they need some air and got to hot, or just a bad set of lights, cant see the top is there a way for heat to excape, maybe replace with cool burning lights.
hopefully someone else will know, would be such a shame not to be able to light up this beautiful jar.

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I have some really nice LED battery operated lights that would poke through the opening easily. They are not on a continous string. Instead, each light is on the end of a very thin wire. They last a long time on batteries - and I use rechargeables for them.

Not the perfect solution -but it might work if you are just using it seasonally.

Plus - you could display it anywhere - you wouldn't need a plug.

I have found these lights at Hobby Lobby.

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I can't help with the light problem, but just wanted to say that the jar is darling. I hope someone can assist you, maybe some of the gals who have made the glass blocks can help. Luvs

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Very cute! I just see 25 lights,too,about $2 for those. And I've seen lamps like this, where you do drill a hole in the back, and push the lights in. So, just replace them, and maybe make a long hook out of a wire coat hanger to place the lights where you like them. Does the lid come off? You could push them in the hole, and take off the lid to move the lights around til they are in there the way you like. Or ask the person who gave you the gift where she bought the lights so you buy replacements :D

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I see someone else said what I was thinking. Maybe it
gets too hot inside the jar and the lights blew. If that
could be the case you should look into a small sting of
battery operated led lights. The jar is lovely and a wonderful
gift, don't let it get so hot that it could be a fire

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Thank you all!

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I have several packages of the clear 10 bulb lites and would be willing to part with one if you'd like to try it. Bought them to do the lighted VHS boxes but haven't gotten around to doing them yet- from two years ago :O)

Email me if you are interested. I am having surgery on my knee on the morning of Xmas eve so I will probably be in lots of pain and not able to hobble around very well. So, if you see this post and email me early with your address I can get it out to you while at work. I am in CA and go to work at 8:00 Otherwise it might be two weeks before I can send it out.


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Hope you see this post.

I am now recouperating with my knee surgery but my offer of the 10 lights string still stands. In case you were thinking I am trying to sell them to you, I am is an RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) just trying to help out another crafter.

Just email me or post here to let me know if you are or are not interested.

Happy New Year!

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