RECIPE: What is white bark coating?

sapphiresMay 12, 2005


Is white bark coating just another way of saying white chocolate? At the end of my recipe it says to drizzle chocolate... so I am thinking it is just white chocolate. Also how long would I put timer on microwave if I wanted to melt the chocolate using that method? Thank you.


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White bark coating is NOT is cocoa butter, sugar, milk and artificial flavoring....EWWW!
I think melted chocolate chips would be better.
I don't have good luck melting stuff like that in the micro....overdo it one second and it seizes....better to do it over hot water.
Linda C

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Linda, thanks for that tip re: microwave

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I can't find the recipe anywhere on the internet i guess you have to order them online.

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WHITE BARK 2 c sugar,2/3 c milk, 1 Tbs light Karo syrup,1/4 tsp. salt 2 Tbs. butter, 1 tsp.real vanilla extract. Combine sugar,milk,Karo & salt is heavy pan(I use bottom of 4 qt pressure cooker) Cook stirring all the time until sugar is dissolved & mixture comes to a boil. Cook without stirring to soft ball stage. Remove from heat add butter but don't stir. Let cool to lukewarm 110degrees,add vanilla & beat until thick & creamy. Before you pour out you can add 1 c. toasted walnuts or almonds or dried cranberries. Break apart when cool. 1 1/2 lb. Tips, when sugar is dissolved run a damp cloth over a fork around inside to pan just above liquid,so doesn't sugar, Don't move pan while it is cooling, have any nuts ready before you beat the candy. It will get white & sets up fast so have wax-paper laid out away from gas stove(I had wax-paper "travel" about 2 ft & catch fire on my stove- it is made differently than years ago so not safe anywhere near fire. Would be good to put weight on 1 side of it so it couldn't move. Spread out bark & when cool break in pieces. Don't use foil to pour out on(foil continues to cook candy & can ruin toffees,barks & some other types of candy). You could remelt some of this to drizzle over a cake or something if you didn't put anything it it. I've made it for at least 40 yrs.I wrote that it came from a "Candy Cookbook" probably while I was vacationing at relatives somewhere, I love cookbooks.

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