kudzukween...spoon bracelet ?

pattico_gwDecember 9, 2007

I sent you an email through your "my page"...does yours work?

I had some questions about making those bracelets.

I put one together but I really didn't know what I was doing....lol


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I must not be getting the mail, I just checked :( But ask away,maybe I can help!

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They are cool ! I'm thinking of making one for myself !

Well -- TRYING to make one .......

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I'll tell how I make them :) Sometimes I use 2 pair of pliers wrapped in a towel so it doesn't leave tool marks,and bend them that way. My friend gave me a pipe and suggested I drill a hole and slip the skinny end in and bend it like that. My husband bought me titanium drill bits to drill the tiny holes and I use these cheap dollar store emery boards to smooth the ends. They come pretty clean and smooth since I cut them with bolt cutters now,lol, my DH bought those especially for these spoons :) He also bought me one of those "third hands" at our new Harbour Freight(yay!) naturally they went on sale the next Sunday for $1.99 :) I use it to hold the chain while I attach beads. My spoons are silver plate,so I bought the silver plate clasps and chain at Michaels(on sale this past week) I use head pins and put a bead on each one,and one bead on each link,or every other link,depending what the chain looks like. Use jump rings on each end to attach the chain. I add a charm to the larger end and the clasp to the smaller end. I gave my sister one and she has worn it all the time,she says she likes to tell people.....OH you're looking for such and such.......it's over THERE..so she can point and show off her bracelet!

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I also tried to e-mail you through "My Page." My question is about the glitter in the pendants. Did you glue it down and what kind of glue did you use for all the little findings? I want to get started making a couple of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for any advice you can give me.

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Hi Judemi........On the spoon pendants, I try to have enough of the handle to curl it backwards to make a loop for a silk cord or suede cord. If not, then drill a hole at the top for a jump ring to thread your cord through. Then gather up greeting cards, junk jewelry,small charms, free clip art( I'll tell you right now I found out the hard way,plain paper will get transparent! so if it's on paper,glue it to cardboard before you put it in the spoon!)I've used old chains from necklaces,old lockets,pearls,rhinestones.......old ones, the new ones have that silver,and it sorta melts off and it's not very attractive! I have a lot of beads, and my sister gave me lots of things to use, like blue bird feathers and possum teeth! I got yellow bird feathers from my sister-in-law, earrings are nice as a focal point, I used old pieces of crochet and tatting. The glitter I added first, Use it sparingly( I also found this out the hard way!) or fill it halfway,add a pinch of glitter,then continue to fill. I even used cut up blue irridecent Easter grass,and pearly Easter grass. Just check your junk drawers at home and your jewelry box for junk jewelry. I used something called Clear Cast to mix and pour,it's fumes are dangerous,so be careful,and don't get it on your skin either! I used E6000 glue. Hope this helps......I'll check back t omorrow:) Merry Christmas!

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What I was worried about was the head pins..they seem to bend so easy I was worried about them pulling off.

And I don't really know how to bend them...

They are beginning to "look" a little better...but it sure is hard to hold them still while trying to get them nice and straight.

I don't think the chain I got was plated...I think it is fake...but it is just for my cousins (and I'm slipping one in my box for my garden junk secret partner..because I feel I'm sending a lame gift.)

Anywho...that's what I wanted to know...

I need four of them by tomorrow at 1:00pm..

I've got the chains done...but I need an adaptor that makes the tiny drill bit fit in my dremel tool.

Denny is going to run to Menards or Home Depot in the morning and come home to help me...

tonight I have a little sewing and a few other things to wrap and get done.

Oh...I forgot to tell you tomorrow is our (my cousins) Christmas party. It was supposed to be Tuesday...
I got a phone call tonight reminding me about it being tomorrow....I forgot we changed it.

Why wait until the last day...you say....Well I don't have a car anymore...mine complete died..and I just can't get out to get the things I need.

Okay I'm getting off here and getting busy...I can get a few things done before I fall asleep doing it...LOL



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This is how I bend the head pins. Put the bead on and hope the hole is small enough that it doesn't slip off!! If it does, I use a seed bead first. I use pliers to bend them one way,then move up a little and bend it back the other way and cut off the excess,sort of like a fish hook is what I read to do,although mine sorta come out triangle shaped.Slip it over the link and squeeze it closed with the pliers.Sometimes I use 2 pair of pliers if I'm having trouble. My DH gave me his little needle-nose pliers. And I don't worry about them being perfectly shaped,all the same size. My DH bought me a "third hand" like you see old guys tying fishing lures in the movies? That's how I hold my chain while I attach the beads. :) Now as far as drilling the silverware, I had silver plate,which was pretty soft, but my sister gave me some Oneida with real pretty roses right down to the bowl of the spoon,let me tell you...I knew I was in trouble when the bolt cutters would hardly cut the handles off. Then I broke a few drill bits trying to drill the holes, I got one spoon done,and gave up on those. They must have been high quality stainless flatware!So I hope you get extra drill bits. I use a cordless drill and titanium drill bits,and those still break after a while. Hope this helps!
Cherry Oh yeah,and before you drill you might want to use a nail set,or something to mark your hole before you drill it,even a nail and hammer to make a little dent, because it slips all over the place!

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I finished one for myself last night...(bracelet)

Last summer I got a box of mis matched silver plate there was one spoon different from all the rest and it was the same pattern that my Mother used to have. She passed away when I was just little(age7)...I'm guessing this spoon might be 60 years old...because I remember eating off them.
Anyway it is a reminder of my mother.
I love it...and I'm so glad you posted a picture so I could learn something new.

I made one for each one of my cousins that get together for lunch each month..In Dec. we make that lunch our Christmas party. They loved them too and when I left they were all wearing them.

I like the chain because you can adjust the size with it.

thank you !!!!


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Oh,Patti....so glad I could help:) You're welcome. I should mention that if you make spoon pendants,you can make a lot with just a small amount that you mix up. I filled 11 spoon bowls with 2 oz. of mix.

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I always prefer wearing Titanium Bracelets, since they are the best and classy enough to wear in the high society.

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Those titanium are too modern looking to suit me...

I like the silver spoons.

And high society doesn't suit me either.


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I'd LOVE to see pictures of these!*S*

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let me look for some :D

Here is a link that might be useful: kudzu's blog

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WOW...those are beautiful!!!

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