Clear Ball Ornaments

calicocat1967December 22, 2008

My family thinks I am a genius !!! LOL. Little do they know all it takes are some clear balls and a few stickers. LOL !!!! None of them have a crafty bone in their body.

Tis the season !!


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One of my fellow co-workers suggested I fill the balls with something. Might try to fill with fake snow. I like the idea.


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I have filled the clear ornaments with many things over the years. Pot Pourri, tinsel, beads, glitter...they all turn out so cute. I like the ones you did too. Merry Christmas!

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Very cute. I use plastic ones that come apart and put things I collected on vacation. Fun way to remember.

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REally cute!! I love the glass bulbs, you can do so much with them!! I used some Christmas rub ons this year and they were so easy.

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I work with children and every year, we do these. I buy about 40 glass balls, glitter, curling ribbon, small jingle bells, beads, confetti, sequins, pipe cleaners (I curl these), etc... Anything you can think of that will fit inside. Each child makes 2 and then I write their names on the outside with black puffy paint. We decorate the classroom tree with these and then they take them home when Christmas vacation starts. The finer the glitter, the better because it sticks to the side of the ball and looks like snow.

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Look fine to me!! A little glitter inside would give them some extra sparkle!! You look like a crafter to me! Jan

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