Poinsettia Garland

calicocat1967December 22, 2008

It was way too cold (-17) and windy to go anywhere, so I sat by the fire and made this. Very easy. My hubby even liked it.

Tis the seasaon !!


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You had me at "very easy"! How are they made please?

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

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Hope this helps. I tried to draw out the instructions. Sorry for the poor drawing !!


What You Need

* Red chenille bump stems (four for each flower)
* 8-millimeter natural round wooden beads (six for each flower)
* Thin wire

How to Make It

Note: One blossom measures about 5 1/2 inches across.

  1. Fold each end of a chenille stem to the center of the stem; twist the ends around the center.
  2. Pinch the stem at the folds to form the petal points. Shape the stem between the points and the center to create a double-petal piece. Make a total of four double-petal pieces.
  3. Layer the double-petal pieces in pairs to form two "X" shapes.
  4. Wire the pairs together at the center.
  5. Attach six beads to the center of each with wire. (I used white beads instead)
  6. Make additional poinsettias for a garland in the same manner, except slip one end of a chenille stem through a petal of the adjacent poinsettia before folding it to the center and twisting the end in place.

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Oh I love this! I'll have to remember to buy more greenery garland after Christmas, and stock up on chenille stems :D

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Very pretty!!! Look easy to make!! Hope I have some chenille bump stems!!Jan

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